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The Last Concubine
The Last Concubine Lesley Downer
Epic history and romance combine in a passionate, exotic novel featuring the mysterious mistress of the last shogun emperor.
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The Courtesan and the Samurai
The Courtesan and the Samurai Lesley Downer
An epic story of forbidden love in a time of war by the author of The Last Concubine, one of the bestselling hardcover debuts of 2008.
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Mister Teacher
Mister Teacher Jack Sheffield
Another riotous year in the life of Ragley-in the-Forest village school.
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The Odin Mission
The Odin Mission James Holland
The first novel in the highly commercial new series featuring Sergeant Jack Tanner.
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Darkest Hour
Darkest Hour James Holland
The second novel in the highly commercial series featuring Sergeant Jack Tanner.
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Blood of Honour
Blood of Honour James Holland
The third novel in the highly commercial series featuring Sergeant Jack Tanner.
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The Haj
The Haj Leon Uris
A thrilling novel set in Israel.
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Raven: Blood Eye (Raven 1)
Raven: Blood Eye (Raven 1) Giles Kristian
A Viking adventure, packed with battles, blood, and gore; Raven is historical fiction at its very best, and marks the debut of an outstanding new talent.
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Raven 2: Sons of Thunder
Raven 2: Sons of Thunder Giles Kristian
Brutal, bloody and unputdownable - continuing the story of Raven and his Viking warrior brotherhood that began with the bestelling Raven: Blood Eye
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Dear Teacher
Dear Teacher Jack Sheffield
The new novel in the highly successful Teacher, Teacher! series, perfect for fans of James Herriot and Gervase Phinn
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Village Teacher
Village Teacher Jack Sheffield
Another hilarious year at Ragley-on-the-Forest village school.
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Almost Heaven
Almost Heaven Judith McNaught
A tempestuous love affair.
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Rome: The Coming of the King
Rome: The Coming of the King M C Scott
One man battles to save his kingdom as violent unrest threatens Rome's empire. The new historical adventure in M.C. Scott's Rome series.
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Rome: The Art of War
Rome: The Art of War M C Scott
The stunning new Roman novel featuring Sebastos Pantera, set during the year of the Four Emperors.
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The Bleeding Land
The Bleeding Land Giles Kristian
In the tradition of Bernard Cornwell, this powerful, engaging and affecting novel by Giles Kristian, bestselling author of the 'Raven' and 'Rise of Sigurd' Viking adventures, confronts the tumultuous and bloody civil war that tore England apart...
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Brothers' Fury
Brothers' Fury Giles Kristian
In the tradition of Bernard Cornwell, Giles Kristian continues his thrilling story of the Rivers family, whose lives are turned upside down by that most brutal and tragic of wars - the English Civil War.
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God of Vengeance
God of Vengeance Giles Kristian
The author of the bestselling Raven saga returns to the world of the Vikings with this acclaimed novel of honour and courage, blood feud and revenge - a must-read for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Game of Thrones!
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Until You
Until You Judith McNaught
A dazzling, witty, romantic romp.
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The Shogun's Queen
The Shogun's Queen Lesley Downer
From one of our finest chroniclers of Japan, its history, society and culture - the acclaimed author of Geisha - comes this gripping and richly detailed new historical novel, telling the true story of Princess Atsu and her struggle to save Japan.
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Kate Hannigan's Girl Catherine Cookson
Catherine Cookson’s one hundredth published book, set in her beloved north-east, in which she brings all her talents as a storyteller to capture the conflicts of class and religion and of growing up in a rapidly changing society.
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A House Divided Catherine Cookson
The reissue of a classic novel from one of Britain's best-loved storytellers.
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Nurse Anna's War
Nurse Anna's War Mary Jane Staples
A story of tender love and heroic sacrifice from the bestselling author of the Adams family sagas
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The Queen's Secret
The Queen's Secret Victoria Lamb
A gripping historical romance set in Tudor England during the reign of Elizabeth I
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His Dark Lady
His Dark Lady Victoria Lamb
An illicit story of romance and intrigue, set against a turbulent sixteenth-century England.
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