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The Watchman of Eternity
The Watchman of Eternity Paul Witcover
Set in a reimagined 18th-century, the enthralling sequel to the acclaimed historical fantasy, The Emperor of All Things that should strike a chord with readers of Susanna Clarke, Phillip Pullman and Neal Stephenson.
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Hereward: Wolves of New Rome
Hereward: Wolves of New Rome James Wilde
Hereward, near-forgotten hero of British history, returns to the fray in the fourth novel in James Wilde's gritty, action-packed and bestselling series.
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Hereward: The Immortals
Hereward: The Immortals James Wilde
The exiled Hereward and his band of mercenary warriors find themselves fighting for their Byzantine masters and their survival in this action-packed new chapter in James Wilde's bestselling series about one of English history's near-forgotten heroes.
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Hereward: The Bloody Crown
Hereward: The Bloody Crown James Wilde
The concluding novel in James Wilde's bestselling historical series chronicling the life and adventures of that near-forgotten English hero, the warrior Hereward the Wake.
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Words of Command
Words of Command Allan Mallinson
Lieutenant-Colonel Matthew Hervey returns to take command of the 6th Light Dragoons in his 12th enthralling adventure.
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A Kill in the Morning
A Kill in the Morning Graeme Shimmin
Take the meticulous research of Robert Harris, the spy thrills of Ian Fleming, the classic action of Alistair MacLean, the dystopian vision of The Man in the High Castle, and the wild ride of a Tarantino film and you're coming close to A Kill in the Morning . . .
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Pendragon James Wilde
From the bestselling author of the Hereward novels comes an epic new adventure of betrayal, battle and bloodshed set during the darkest of times - a time when civilisation itself was foundering, when Britain was facing a Dark Age and in desperate need of a hero...
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Gates Of Fire
Gates Of Fire Steven Pressfield
For many, Pressfield's retelling of the epic story of the Battle of Thermopylae is one of the all time great historical novels.
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Tides Of War
Tides Of War Steven Pressfield
Ambitious, exciting follow-up to the bestselling Gates of Fire, chronicling the devastating conflict between Sparta and Athens that became known as the Peloponnesian War.
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Last Of The Amazons
Last Of The Amazons Steven Pressfield
The breathtaking new historical epic by the acclaimed author of GATES OF FIRE and TIDES OF WAR
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The Crusader
The Crusader Michael Eisner
Thrilling, grittily real historical novel set during one of the most ignominious episodes in medieval history, the Crusades...
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Alexander: The Virtues Of War
Alexander: The Virtues Of War Steven Pressfield
Pressfield brings his magisterial touch to the story of the colossus of the ancient world: Alexander the Great.
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Seventy-Seven Clocks
Seventy-Seven Clocks Christopher Fowler
The third Bryant & May mystery, in which British fiction's most enigmatic detectives investigate perhaps their most peculiar case of all...
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Hannibal David Anthony Durham
Epic, panoramic historical novel about Hannibal and the brutal, bloody Second Punic War.
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The Afghan Campaign
The Afghan Campaign Steven Pressfield
The bloody, brutal, brilliant new novel of men at war from the master of the genre.
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The Terror
The Terror Dan Simmons
Now a breathtaking 10-part television series from Ridley Scott's production company, Scott Free, and AMC - the studio behind 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Walking Dead', Dan Simmon's devastating historical adventure The Terror - based on the true story of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition - has chilled and thriller readers the world over . . .
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Warrior Allan Mallinson
In South Africa, Matthew Hervey clashes with the Warrior King of the Zulu.
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Bryant and May Off the Rails (Bryant and May 8)
Bryant and May Off the Rails (Bryant and May 8) Christopher Fowler
British fiction's most enigmatic detectives since Holmes & Watson return in their eighth wickedly entertaining and intriguing investigation...
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Hereward: The Devil's Army (The Hereward Chronicles: book 2)
Hereward: The Devil's Army (The Hereward Chronicles: book 2) James Wilde
The story of Hereward, forgotten hero of English history, continues in James Wilde's second brutal and bloody novel - a must-read for action-packed historical fiction fans!
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Hereward: End of Days
Hereward: End of Days James Wilde
James Wilde's retelling of the story of England's forgotten hero - Hereward the Wake - continues in this new brutal and bloodily exciting novel - a must-read for historical fiction fans!
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Winter Siege
Winter Siege Ariana Franklin
One child holds the key to peace. One man will stop at nothing to silence her . . . Ariana Franklin's final, brilliant standalone novel, left incomplete at the time of her death, now finished by her daughter.
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The Blighted Cliffs Edwin Thomas
Move over Harry Flashman, there's a new cad in town! The first in the Martin Jerrold series of historical adventure novels in the vein of Flashman and Sharpe.
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Treason's River
Treason's River Edwin Thomas
Book three in the reluctant adventures of Martin Jerrold.
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On His Majesty's Service
On His Majesty's Service Allan Mallinson
1829: In the Eastern Balkans, Matthew Hervey of the 6th Light Dragoons is at war with the Turks.
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