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The Course Of Love
The Course Of Love Alain De Botton
This is a modern love story. It is a story about learning to survive, endure and flourish in a relationship. Above all, it is a story full of tenderness and sympathy for the hard work of keeping love going, and full of hope that we can make it through.
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Strictly Bipolar
Strictly Bipolar Darian Leader
Strictly Bipolar is essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary views of the self, bipolarity and a deeper understanding of manic-depression.
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Hands Darian Leader
Human history, modern life and our psychology - all told through the story of how we use our hands.
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Why Can't We Sleep
Why Can't We Sleep Darian Leader
A short, accessible analysis of how and why humans sleep - weaving together cultural, social, economic and psychoanalytic influences in pursuit of the truth about insomnia.
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Where Reasons End
Where Reasons End Yiyun Li
A devastating and utterly original portrait of motherhood and grief.
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