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When Breath Becomes Air
When Breath Becomes Air Paul Kalanithi
For readers of Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal and Henry Marsh’s Do No Harm, an unforgettably powerful and heart-breaking book about how to live.
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The Conversations
The Conversations Olivia Fane
In the vein of Alain de Botton and Adam Phillips, a provocative and diverting book of short essays to get you thinking and talking. Conversations to have with friends, partners, or just with yourself.
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Boundless Kathleen Winter
An exploration of the unchartered waters of the Arctic by the author of Annabel.
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Waking Up in Toytown
Waking Up in Toytown John Burnside
The sequel to the award-winning A Lie About My Father
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Peak Anders Ericsson, Robert Pool
Reveals that all of us can excel at our chosen activities and offers a guide to unlocking our potential
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It's All in Your Head
It's All in Your Head Suzanne O'Sullivan
A neurologist explores the very real world of psychosomatic illness
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The Good Story
The Good Story J. M. Coetzee, Arabella Kurtz
A fascinating dialogue on the human inclination to make up stories between a Nobel Prize-winning writer and a psychotherapist.
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Designing Your Life
Designing Your Life Bill Burnett, Dave Evans
This really works! In book form for the first time, the simple, scientifically proven method that has already changed thousands of lives
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Quicksand Henning Mankell
A fascinating memoir-of-sorts from the legendary writer & campaigner for human rights: Quicksand is a collection of micro-essays exploring what it is to be human, covering topics as varied as Henning's cancer diagnosis, art, jealousy, Ice Ages past and present, and the future of our planet
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The Day That Went Missing
The Day That Went Missing Richard Beard
A memoir of exceptional power and universal relevance – about loss, carrying on, and recovering a brother's life and death.
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Dadland Keggie Carew
A daughter’s journey into her father’s past – a story of war and grief, jealousy and madness, mischief and fierce love
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Ghosts of the Tsunami
Ghosts of the Tsunami Richard Lloyd Parry
Richard LLoyd Parry uncovers the immediate aftermath and long-term effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011, which resulted in the loss of 18,500 souls.
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French Women Don't Get Fat
French Women Don't Get Fat Mireille Guiliano
How do French women do it? This is the book that unlocks the simple secrets of 'the French paradox' - how to enjoy food and stay slim and healthy. With a simple USP and a title that almost sells itself, it's guaranteed to be a bestseller.
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The Noonday Demon
The Noonday Demon Andrew Solomon
WITH A NEW EPILOGUE BY THE AUTHOR The most affecting, intelligent, important and constructive book on depression there has ever been - a key text by a New Yorker writer who has not only experienced the depths of depression but has researched every aspect of it.
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The English Ghost
The English Ghost Peter Ackroyd
An enormously enjoyable spooky collection of ghost-sightings over the centuries, full of the spirit of place, in true Ackroyd style.
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Looking For Spinoza Antonio Damasio
The eminent neuroscientist, explores the science of human emotion and what the great Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza can teach of how and why we feel.
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Peoplewatching Desmond Morris
Peoplewatching is the culmination of a career of watching people - their behaviour and habits their personalities and their quirks. Desmond Morris shows us how people, consciously and unconsciously, signal their attitudes, desires and innermost feelings with their bodies and actions, often more powerfully than with their words.
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Making Babies
Making Babies Anne Enright
The Sunday Times and Irish Top Ten Bestselling book about motherhood.
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What Should I Do With My Life?
What Should I Do With My Life? Po Bronson
'Brimming with stories of sacrifice, courage, commitment and sometimes failure, the book will support anyone pondering a major life choice or risk without force-feeding them pat solutions' Publishers Weekly
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The Broken Boy
The Broken Boy Patrick Cockburn
A memoir about the last great polio epidemic, by an author who was one its victims.
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X20 Richard Beard
'One of the most ingenious, resourceful and entertaining novelists in England' Philip Hensher
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