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Accessible Yoga
Accessible Yoga Jivana Heyman
This daring, visionary book revolutionizes yoga practice--and makes it truly accessible to everyone, in every body, at any age, and in any state of health.
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After Ikkyu And Other Poems
After Ikkyu And Other Poems Jim Harrison
A spirited collection of poems inspired by the Zen practice of one of America's most celebrated authors, Jim Harrison, a New York Times best-selling author.
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Ashtanga Yoga Practice Cards
Ashtanga Yoga Practice Cards Kino MacGregor
A full-color practice deck of the Ashtanga Primary Series--by the dynamic yoga teacher Kino MacGregor.
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Be Grateful to Everyone
Be Grateful to Everyone Pema Chodron
Pema Chödrön's audio teachings on the entire mind-training practice (lojong).
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Befriending Your Body
Befriending Your Body Ann Saffi Biasetti
A step-by-step holistic approach to recovering fully from disordered eating, using self-compassion and embodiment practices to reduce symptoms, increase body awareness and acceptance, reconnect to others, and step back into an integrated life.
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Bhakti Flow Yoga
Bhakti Flow Yoga Rusty Wells
A guide to Bhakti Flow Yoga, a style of yoga that emphasizes a seamless connection between the breath and the movements of the body—by a popular San Francisco-based yogi.
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Bodyfulness Christine Caldwell
As a foundation for a contemplative life, the body can both literally and metaphorically help us wake up.
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Breathe Through This
Breathe Through This Eline Snel
Simple mindfulness practices for parents of teenagers to help you stay present, positive, and open-hearted with your child during their teenage years. Includes an audio download of guided exercises.
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Buddhist Art Coloring Book 2
Buddhist Art Coloring Book 2 Robert Beer
Sacred art presented as coloring templates for contemplation and creativity—stunning and detailed artwork from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.
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Chakra Yoga
Chakra Yoga Alan Finger, Katrina Repka
Popular yoga teacher Alan Finger offers easy-to-follow instructions for balancing the chakras or energy centers of the body.
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Chi Waysun Liao
An accessible introduction to the Chinese concept of chi: what it is, why it is important for health and well-being, and simple exercises to cultivate it–-written by a Taoist master.
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Choosing Compassion
Choosing Compassion Anam Thubten
Beloved Tibetan Buddhist teacher Anam Thubten shares how, by cultivating our practice of compassion, we can open our hearts and benefit the world.
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Coloring Mandalas 4
Coloring Mandalas 4 Susanne F. Fincher
Mandalas are circular designs containing lines, patterns, and colors that have been used in personal devotions throughout history and often symbolize a desire to mark or set aside a special time or place. Coloring mandalas is a creative activity that can help us feel connected to ourselves and to the world.
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Coming Home To Who You Are
Coming Home To Who You Are David Richo
Discovering Your Natural Capacity for Love, Integrity, and Compassion
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Complete Guide To Chi Gung
Complete Guide To Chi Gung Daniel Reid
Chi-gung can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or physical fitness.
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Conceiving With Love
Conceiving With Love DENISE WIESNER
Supportive, practical advice for couples who are trying to conceive to help them regain--or retain--the intimacy in their sexual and emotional relationship at a time when that solid connection is most necessary.
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