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Inspirational stories from ordinary people's encounters with angels, introduced by Gloria Hunniford, one of the UK's favourite TV personalities.
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Drop Dead Healthy
Drop Dead Healthy A J Jacobs
Hilarious new memoir from the author of The Know-It-All and The Year of Living Biblically.
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Friend and Foe
Friend and Foe Adam Galinsky, Maurice Schweitzer
Should we cooperate, compete, or both?
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In The Key of Genius
In The Key of Genius Adam Ockelford
Autistic and unable to care for himself, Derek Paravicini is also a musical genius.
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Things I Overheard While Talking To Myself
Things I Overheard While Talking To Myself Alan Alda
From the bestselling author of NEVER HAVE YOUR DOG STUFFED comes a book that is candid, wise and as questioning as it is incisive. Alan Alda amuses and moves us with his uniquely witty meditations on questions great and small.
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The Happy Depressive: In Pursuit of Personal and Political Happiness
The Happy Depressive: In Pursuit of Personal and Political Happiness Alastair Campbell
Now in print, Alastair Campbell’s timely and thought-provoking short book, The Happy Depressive.
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Winners Alastair Campbell
Winning is not the important thing, it is the only thing.
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The Unthinkable
The Unthinkable Amanda Ripley
How will you react when disaster strikes?
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Staying Ok
Staying Ok Amy B. Harris, Thomas A. Harris
The long-awaited sequel to the record-breaking bestseller and most successful self-help book ever, I'm Ok, You're Ok. These are the self-help books that really will change your life - for good.
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The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook
The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook Amy Ransom
The Not-So-New Mum's Notebook is the follow up to the very popular first instalment, The New Mum's Notebook: a sanity-saving journal; a companion full of ideas; a must-have for the mums of every pre-schooler in the land.
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The Fast Track Detox Diet
The Fast Track Detox Diet Ann Louise Gittleman
An innovative and revolutionary diet book that will change the way we lose weight forever.
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A Short Guide To A Happy Life
A Short Guide To A Happy Life Anna Quindlen
A heart-to- heart book of wisdom and reflection.
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Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake
Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake Anna Quindlen
An irresistible memoir from Anna Quindlen - New York Times bestseller and author of Every Last One
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Anne's Song
Anne's Song Anne Nolan
Behind the fairtyale success of the The Nolan Sisters, lay a very different kind of story...
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Things I've Been Silent About
Things I've Been Silent About Azar Nafisi
A dazzling new memoir from the author of the international bestseller Reading Lolita in Tehran
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Let Them Eat Dirt
Let Them Eat Dirt B. Finlay, Marie-Claire Arrieta
This book will take you from conception to early years to show simply and easily how to give your child the healthiest start in life.
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21st Century Star Signs
21st Century Star Signs Babs Kirby
The first new and up to date Linda Goodman-style guide to the star signs in over 30 years
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Escape Barbie Probert-Wright
An incredible true story of sisterly love and courage, for fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz and The Choice
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Little Girl Lost
Little Girl Lost Barbie Probert-Wright, Jean Ritchie
The powerful second book from Richard and Judy's TRUE competition!
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The 37th Parallel
The 37th Parallel Ben Mezrich
The 37th Parallel tells the true story of a computer programmer who tracks paranormal events along a 3,000-mile stretch through the heart of America and is drawn deeper and deeper into a vast conspiracy.
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Manage Your Career
Manage Your Career Brian Sutton
This book provides all the information and support you need to find your next job; and also helps you to focus on you life and career ambitions, hopes, aims, strengths and potential. It provides an invaluable opportunity to reassess your life and career positively, and empowers you to win jobs.
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The Joy of Work
The Joy of Work Bruce Daisley
Twitter’s VP Europe reveals how to make our workplaces fit for the 21st century
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