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Expectation Anna Hope
A fierce, emotional, contemporary novel about the pursuit of a meaningful life: three women think they can have it all. But soon they realise that even having some of it can be a challenge. For fans of Zadie Smith, Sheila Heti and Sally Rooney.
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Balancing Act
Balancing Act Joanna Trollope
Family and business, husbands and wives, parents and children It's always a balancing act...
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Turned On
Turned On Lucy Dent
The candid real-life story of how a married woman's harmless online flirting develops into an addiction to virtual sex and, ultimately, ends with obsession.
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Dear Thing
Dear Thing Julie Cohen
A bittersweet story about love and motherhood: Claire, who desperately wants a baby, and Romily, the woman who’s carrying it for her...who is secretly in love with Claire’s husband.
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See You In The Morning
See You In The Morning Barry Norman
Barry Norman's candid, witty and moving account of life, love, marriage and loss.
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French Parents Don't Give In
French Parents Don't Give In Pamela Druckerman
Parenting advice from the no.1 Sunday Times bestseller French Children Don't Throw Food, now distilled into 100 short and easy tips.
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Someone Else's Wedding
Someone Else's Wedding Tamar Cohen
by the popular author of WHEN SHE WAS BAD and THE BROKEN, a dark, witty tale of a wife and her grown-up family whose secrets come shimmering to the surface at a wedding: told in real-time over 36 hours.
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It Must Have Been the Mistletoe
It Must Have Been the Mistletoe Judy Astley
At Christmas, anything can happen...
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A Robot In The Garden
A Robot In The Garden Deborah Install
Charming story with huge heart of a stay-at-home husband whose life is changed forever when he adopts a robot, perfect for readers who loved Nick Hornby's ABOUT A BOY, THE ROSIE PROJECT and WALL-E
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The Unmumsy Mum
The Unmumsy Mum
The Number One Sunday Times bestseller in paperback at last!
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The Happiest Kids in the World
The Happiest Kids in the World Rina Mae Acosta, Michele Hutchison
The secrets of bringing up the happiest kids in the world: the definitive guide to raising content, confident and well-adjusted children.
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When the last of your children has flown the nest, will there be time for a second honeymoon?
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French Children Don't Throw Food
French Children Don't Throw Food Pamela Druckerman
The number one Sunday Times bestseller, the book all parents are talking about.
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Girl From The South
Girl From The South Joanna Trollope
'A novel about the changing rules and requirements of modern affairs of the heart' Daily Mail
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The Sunshine Years
The Sunshine Years Afsaneh Knight
For fans of The Slap, an original and powerful novel of ageing members of Generation X who have failed to live up to their dreams.
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Cruel Crossing
Cruel Crossing Edward Stourton
The secret history of the WW2 escape routes through the Pyrenees from France to Spain: personal stories of endurance, betrayal and remarkable bravery.
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Mini Shopaholic
Mini Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella
Becky Bloomwood is back - with a mini-shopaholic!
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Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket Matthew Todd
A revolutionary self-help book for gay men and the wider community which acknowledges the damage done to gay people by societal shame across the world, and the urgent need to put in place systems that offer help to the many hundreds of thousands who need it.
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This House is Haunted
This House is Haunted John Boyne
A chilling Dickensian ghost story by one of Ireland's finest writers.
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There Are No Grown-Ups
There Are No Grown-Ups Pamela Druckerman
Does it feel like everyone around you is an adult, except you? There are no grown-ups,because everyone else is winging it too! Pamela Druckerman, author of French Children Don't Throw Food, reveals the things is took her forty years to learn.
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Truth Hector Macdonald
For fans of Nudge, Blink and The Art of Thinking Clearly, a fascinating dive into the many ways in which 'competing truths' shape our opinions, behaviours and beliefs.
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A Very Human Ending
A Very Human Ending Jesse Bering
A meditation on the human tendency to end our own lives, by an author who brings his own experience of depression to bear on this rarely discussed subject.
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