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21st Century Star Signs
21st Century Star Signs Babs Kirby
The first new and up to date Linda Goodman-style guide to the star signs in over 30 years
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5:2 Your Life
5:2 Your Life Emma Cook
What if 5:2 wasn't just about weight loss? Now in paperback, 5:2 YOUR LIFE shows how the revolutionary 5:2 approach can transform your health, your wealth and your happiness – fast.
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Always By My Side
Always By My Side Christina Schmid
A powerful and inspiring story of a war widow’s determination to fulfill the promise she’d made to her husband in the likelihood of his death
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Inspirational stories from ordinary people's encounters with angels, introduced by Gloria Hunniford, one of the UK's favourite TV personalities.
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Angels in My Hair
Angels in My Hair Lorna Byrne
The true story of a modern-day Irish mystic
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Babytalk Sally Ward
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Britain On The Couch
Britain On The Couch Oliver James
Why we're unhappier than we were in the 1950s, despite being richer - from bestselling author of Affluenza, Oliver James
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Complete Flat Stomach Plan Rosemary Conley
Struggling to find the best diet for you? This is the revolutionary diet book that is guaranteed to give you a firmer. flatter stomach - for good. From the author of hugely popular weight loss books including The Hip And Thigh Diet.
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Complete Hip And Thigh Diet
Complete Hip And Thigh Diet Rosemary Conley
The proven, no-fuss, no-calorie-counting way that sheds those inches other diets leave behind!
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Daily Meditations For Women Who Love Too Much
Daily Meditations For Women Who Love Too Much Robin Norwood
The in-depth practical companion to the hugely popular bestselling self-help book, Women Who Love Too Much. These meditation exercises will help readers feel happier within themselves, and will pave the way towards happy, successful relationships.
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Did You Spot The Gorilla? Richard Wiseman
An exciting and unusual popular business/self-help book that reveals a new way of creating opportunities at work and in personal life.
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Drop Dead Healthy
Drop Dead Healthy A J Jacobs
Hilarious new memoir on how to become as healthy as humanly possible from New York Times bestselling author of The Know-It-All and The Year of Living Biblically.
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Eat Right 4 Your Type
Eat Right 4 Your Type Peter D'Adamo
The global phenomenon blood-type diet is back and even better with a new revised edition offering even more guidance – including 10-day Jump Start Plan – to help you harness the power of your own amazing bio-chemistry and cast aside the fad diets for good!
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Family Life Made Easy
Family Life Made Easy Grace Saunders
A friendly handbook tailored specifically for mums struggling to juggle the demands of modern life and their fabulous growing families!
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Fat Attack
Fat Attack Judith Wills
A 30-day eating and exercise plan to improve your shape and health.
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Fat Is A Feminist Issue
Fat Is A Feminist Issue Susie Orbach
Updated and with a new introduction. The complete volumes of the bestselling classic that revolutionised women’s relationship with food.
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Fat Planet
Fat Planet David Lewis, Margaret Leitch
A fascinating, timely and extremely approachable account of the social and psychological causes for the global obesity epidemic – and how we can overcome it.
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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Susan Jeffers
This eye-catching Vermilion Life Essentials edition will introduce Susan Jeffers' timeless classic to a whole new generation of smart-thinking readers
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Flipnosis Kevin Dutton
Brilliant, funny and provocative exploration of instant persuasion, based on research with con-men, psychopaths, advertisers and many more.
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Gi Hip & Thigh Diet
Gi Hip & Thigh Diet Rosemary Conley
Brand new! The fastest, healthiest weight and inch loss plan - ever!
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