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99 Ways to Tell a Story
99 Ways to Tell a Story Matt Madden
A funny, inspiring, and genuinely clever series of one-page comics that tell the same story in a variety of ways.
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It's a Good Life, if You Don't Weaken
It's a Good Life, if You Don't Weaken Seth
This new edition presents Seth's first book in its definitive form, collecting the extensive, beautifully illustrated storyline from his popular comic-book series Palookaville.
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Fun Home
Fun Home Alison Bechdel
A fresh and brilliantly told memoir from a cult favourite comic artist, marked by gothic twists, a family funeral home, sexual angst, and great books.
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Bye Bye Birdie
Bye Bye Birdie Shirley Hughes
Shirley Hughes' first graphic book for adults
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Safe Area Gorazde
Safe Area Gorazde Joe Sacco
The first UK publication of Joe Sacco’s classic, groundbreaking work of comics journalism with a foreword by Christopher Hitchens.
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Aya Marguerite Abouet, Clément Oubrerie
AYA is a captivating, colourful and hugely entertaining portrayal of an Africa we rarely see
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Walking the Dog
Walking the Dog David Hughes
A work of stunning visuals, humour, darkness and invention from one of the most acclaimed illustrators in the world
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Blue Pills
Blue Pills Frederik Peeters
From one of Europe's best young comics artists, a black-and-white memoir that is an intimate, moving and revelatory exploration of the author’s relationship with his girlfriend and her three-year-old son, both of whom are HIV positive, and what it means to love in the face of daunting obstacles.
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Gentleman Jim
Gentleman Jim Raymond Briggs
A British graphic classic
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Pentti and Deathgirl
Pentti and Deathgirl Emma Rendel
Two very strange and very beautiful stories from Sweden
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My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down
My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down David Heatley
An outrageous and intimate debut from an American maverick
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I Like My Job
I Like My Job Sarah Herman
A brilliantly funny graphic novel about office life
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Drowntown Robbie Morrison, Jim Murray
The first part of an awesome new graphic novel by two of the UK’s very brightest talents
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If ... Bursts Out
If ... Bursts Out Steve Bell
In time-honoured tradition, If... Bursts Out contains a huge dose of Steve Bell's If... cartoons, stripped from their usual habitat in the pages of the Guardian. This magnificent beast of a book is in full colour.
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John Broadley's Books
John Broadley's Books John Broadley
The debut of a remarkable new graphic artist, based on an extroardinary series of little books that have become cult and collectors' items
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The Night Bookmobile
The Night Bookmobile Audrey Niffenegger
A haunting tale both of transcendence and the passion for books which features the evocative full-colour, pen-and-ink work of one of the world's most beloved storytellers.
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X'ed Out
X'ed Out Charles Burns
From the creator of the cult classic Black Hole, a graphic narrative that will delight and surpass the expectations of his fans.
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Wilson Daniel Clowes
Meet Dan Clowes' latest, most outspoken, creation.
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Lighter Than My Shadow
Lighter Than My Shadow Katie Green
A beautiful, heartbreaking and ultimately heart-lifting graphic memoir
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Days of the Bagnold Summer
Days of the Bagnold Summer Joff Winterhart
A tale of single parenting and heavy metal. Shortlisted for the 2012 Costa Award for Best Novel.
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Eustace S. J. Harris
A blackly comic, surreal and exquisitely rendered work - and an assured debut.
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Are You My Mother?
Are You My Mother? Alison Bechdel
An expansive, moving and captivating graphic memoir from 'one of the finest cartoonists at work today'.
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The Death Ray
The Death Ray Daniel Clowes
A major new work by comics legend Dan Clowes.
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