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Hubert Ben Gijsemans
An incredibly beautiful graphic novel by a precociously brilliant young Belgian author. The start of a great career.
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Cormorance Nick Hayes
A beguiling wordless fable, and a hymn to the natural world – from one of the finest British graphic novelists at work today
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Everything is Teeth
Everything is Teeth Evie Wyld, Joe Sumner
An intimate and unique visual memoir by the multi-prizewinning Evie Wyld.
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Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost Pablo Auladell
One of the oldest tales of all – Satan and God, Adam and Eve – retold in dark and beautiful imagery by Pablo Auladell
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Step Aside, Pops
Step Aside, Pops Kate Beaton
A hilarious new collection of cartoons from the hugely popular online comic artist Kate Beaton, creator of www.harkavagrant.com
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Patience Daniel Clowes
Dan Clowes’ most important graphic novel since Ghost World and David Boring
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Notes on a Thesis
Notes on a Thesis Tiphaine Rivière
‘This is a book for anyone who has ever laboured under a deadline, battled a stubborn pig of a boss, or half drowned beneath a wave of bureaucracy and paperwork. Put off what you intended to do today and go out and buy it, right now.’ Rachel Cooke, Observer An Observer Book of the Year
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Literary Life Revisited
Literary Life Revisited Posy Simmonds
An updated edition of Posy Simmonds’ classic book of cartoons dissecting the literary life
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Collecting Sticks
Collecting Sticks Joe Decie
What's better than camping? This brilliant graphic novel follows one family on the holiday of a lifetime, complete with spiders, sticks and stupendous amounts of rain Observer Graphic Novel of the Month
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Hostage Guy Delisle
The extraordinary new work by the author of Jerusalem and The Burma Chronicles
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Ethel & Ernest
Ethel & Ernest Raymond Briggs
Raymond Brigg`s most extraordinary and most appealing book yet - a tender, moving, warmly funny tribute to his parents: Ethel and Ernest - now a major animated film starring Jim Broadbent, Brenda Blethyn and Luke Treadaway
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Ghost World
Ghost World Daniel Clowes
The astonishing graphic novel that became a cult classic and a major movie.
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David Boring Daniel Clowes
The startling new book by the author of Ghost World.
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Jimmy Corrigan
Jimmy Corrigan Chris Ware
The most ambitious, beautiful, moving 'comic book' ever produced: an astonishing tour de force that won the Guardian First Book Award 2001
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Notes From A Defeatist Joe Sacco
Part documentary travelogue, part satirical autobiography, part satire pure and simple, NOTES FROM A DEFEATIST collects all the shorter works that launched Joe Sacco on the path to his book- length masterpiece, PALESTINE.
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Persepolis 2 Marjane Satrapi
Sequel to the critically acclaimed Persepolis: the story of Marjane's challenging adolescence as a high-school student in Austria and later as a Western-influenced young art student in Iran.
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Epileptic David B
Now in paperback, the stunning, award-winning graphic memoir about growing up with an epileptic brother.
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Embroideries Marjane Satrapi
From the author of the acclaimed comic-strip autobiography Persepolis comes this comic book for grown-ups, a gloriously entertaining and revealing look into the sex lives of Iranian women.
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The Three Incestuous Sisters Audrey Niffenegger
A magical illustrated book - a 'visual novel' - by the bestselling author of THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE.
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Black Hole Charles Burns
It's here: Charles Burns' epic story of existential horror, over ten years in the making. Yet another Cape graphic novel milestone.
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Ice Haven Daniel Clowes
A ground-breaking story that takes the form where it's never gone before.
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Robert Crumb's Book of Genesis
Robert Crumb's Book of Genesis Robert Crumb
From the Creation to the death of Joseph, here are all fifty chapters of the Book of Genesis, revealingly illustrated as never before.
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Building Stories
Building Stories Chris Ware
Twelve years after he changed the history of comics with Jimmy Corrigan, a new graphic novel masterpiece by Chris Ware.
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