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30 Days Of Night (2018)
30 Days Of Night (2018) Steve Niles
Bitter cold, endless night, and hungry shadows: the horror franchise that upended the classic vampire story is reimagined for the modern era!
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A Letter To Jo
A Letter To Jo Joseph Sieracki
Come face-to-face with the raging terror of World War II in this firsthand graphic novel adaptation of a Polish-American machine gunner's letter home.
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A Shining Beacon
A Shining Beacon James Albon
Pictures at a revolution: acclaimed graphic novelist James Albon (Her Bark and Her Bite) explores the role of the artist in a frighteningly familiar near-future of tyrannical regimes and popular revolts.
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A Strange And Beautiful Sound
A Strange And Beautiful Sound ZEP
Life's choices and what remains in the end are universal themes. Where is life's value? In the noise and fury, or in the silence and contemplation? In the struggles or in the peace?
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Amber Blake
Amber Blake Jade Lagardére
International intrigue abounds in this modern thriller combining elements of action, crime, and revenge.
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