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Disturbia Christopher Fowler
A dark tale of urban unease from the genius pen of Christopher Fowler - now available in digital format, and with an introduction by Joanne Harris.
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Divine Misdemeanors
Divine Misdemeanors Laurell K Hamilton
Rich, sensual and brimming with dark, dangerous magic, the eighth Merry Gentry novel from the New York Times bestselling queen of paranormal romance...
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Dragongirl Todd McCaffrey
The sequel to Dragonheart, continuing the epic saga of the dragons of Pern.
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Dragonquest Anne McCaffrey
Further adventures of Pern.
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Dragon's Time
Dragon's Time Todd McCaffrey, Anne McCaffrey
The sequel to Dragongirl, continuing the epic saga of the dragons of Pern.
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Dust of Dreams
Dust of Dreams Steven Erikson
The penultimate book in one of the most original, exciting and acclaimed fantasy series of the new century.
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Echoes Of The Great Song
Echoes Of The Great Song David Gemmell
The new heroic fantasy from the author of The Legend of Deathwalker.
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Eldest Christopher Paolini
Book 2 in The Inheritance Trilogy
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Empire Of The Ants
Empire Of The Ants Bernard Werber
A fascinating novel about the world of the ants.
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Enchanters' End Game
Enchanters' End Game David Eddings
The final book of the Belgariad.
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Equal Rites
Equal Rites Terry Pratchett
The third Discworld novel.
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Eragon Christopher Paolini
A wonderful, classical fantasy story of dragons, wizards and heroes that will appaeal to both young and adult readers.
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Fall of Light
Fall of Light Steven Erikson
International bestselling author of The Malazan Book of the Fallen continues his new epic fantasy sequence, the Kharkanas Trilogy, in this enthralling, all-embracing new novel of war and betrayal, dark sorcery and ancient gods...
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Feet Of Clay
Feet Of Clay Terry Pratchett
The nineteenth Discworld novel.
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Forge of Darkness
Forge of Darkness Steven Erikson
Steven Erikson returns to the Malazan world with the first book in a dark and revelatory new epic fantasy trilogy that tells the tragic story of the downfall of an ancient realm...
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Freedom's Challenge
Freedom's Challenge Anne McCaffrey
The third book in the Catteni sequence.
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Freedom's Landing
Freedom's Landing Anne McCaffrey
The first of the brilliant Catteni sequence.
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Freedom's Ransom
Freedom's Ransom Anne McCaffrey
The fourth title in the magnificent Catteni sequence.
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Gardens Of The Moon
Gardens Of The Moon Steven Erikson
The opening chapter in an epic fantasy masterpiece…
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Going Postal
Going Postal Terry Pratchett
The thirty-third Discworld novel, now available in hardback as part of the Discworld Collector's Library.
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Good Omens
Good Omens Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett
The classic, bestselling dark and hilarious take on mankind's final judgement by two genre giants reached the small screen this spring in the Amazon Prime Original / BBC TV production - written by Neil Gaiman and with a brilliant all-star cast!
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