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Witch & Wizard
Witch & Wizard James Patterson
James Patterson's biggest series ever! Torn from their family and slammed into prison, a sister and brother try everything to save the world they love from a dangerous new regime.
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Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View
Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View Various (Star Wars)
The essential Star Wars gift of 2017, celebrating 40 years since A New Hope
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - No Prisoners
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - No Prisoners Karen Traviss
The Clone Wars rage on. As insurgent Separatists fight furiously to wrest control of the galaxy from the Republic, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine cunningly manipulates both sides for his own sinister purposes.
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The Reckoning
The Reckoning Alma Katsu
The thrilling new sequel in Alma Katsu's unforgettable TAKER trilogy.
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Toys James Patterson
He was the perfect agent. But now he’s become their target.
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Canto Bight (Star Wars)
Canto Bight (Star Wars) Saladin Ahmed, Rae Carson, Mira Grant, John Jackson Miller
As seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, welcome to the casino city of Canto Bight.
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The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition (Star Wars)
The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition (Star Wars) Jason Fry
Written with input from director Rian Johnson, this official adaptation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi expands on the film to include scenes from alternate versions of the script and other additional content.
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Minecraft: The Crash
Minecraft: The Crash Tracey Baptiste
The second official Minecraft tie-in novel, following the Sunday Times bestseller The Island
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Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars)
Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars) Timothy Zahn
The sequel to the Sunday Times Bestseller Thrawn Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader ally against a threat to the Empire in this new novel from bestselling author Timothy Zahn.
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Star Wars: Last Shot: A Han and Lando Novel
Star Wars: Last Shot: A Han and Lando Novel Daniel José Older
Han Solo and Chewbacca team up with the galaxy’s most charming rogue, Lando Calrissian, in an epic novel that spans decades—set both around the events of the new Han Solo film and years later, after Return of the Jedi. -
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Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds
Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds Gwenda Bond
Set before the events of the TV series, this prequel novel follows Eleven's mother and her time as a test subject in the MKUltra program.
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Solo: A Star Wars Story
Solo: A Star Wars Story Mur Lafferty
The Official Film Tie-In to the latest Star Wars film: SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY
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Golden State
Golden State Ben H. Winters
Golden State by Ben Winters is an ambitious and frighteningly timely novel set in a world where everything is recorded and no one can be trusted. For anyone who loved The Handmaid's Tale, The Power and Station Eleven.
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Master and Apprentice (Star Wars)
Master and Apprentice (Star Wars) Claudia Gray
A new Star Wars novel, taking place before the events of The Phantom Menace, featuring legacy characters Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
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Sophia, Princess Among Beasts
Sophia, Princess Among Beasts James Patterson
In a kingdom besieged by poverty, war and despair, Princess Sophia must do whatever it takes to restore peace, and protect the people she loves
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Alphabet Squadron
Alphabet Squadron Alexander Freed
The first novel in a new Star Wars series, Alphabet Squadron follows the story of five New Republic pilots as they undertake a daring mission.
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