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A Cop's Eyes
A Cop's Eyes Gaku Yakumaru
A linked series of short stories about police detective Natsume whose human touch melts the hearts of recalcitrant suspects and jaded readers alike. Up and coming author Yakumaru's most chiseled work to date, this work will mark his U.S. debut.
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Nocturne Of Remembrance
Nocturne Of Remembrance Shichiri Nakayama
The breakthrough novel by rising star Shichiri Nakayama, Nocturne of Rememberence is considered a lyrical mystery tuned to the beats of Chopin while unraveling its mystery in the vein of Sir Author Conan Doyle.
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Deep Red
Deep Red Hisashi Nozawa
Hisashi Nozawa’s English language debut is a murder mystery that transpires over more than a decade, where revenge is the motivation of a unique and very passionate relationship featuring orphans brought together by a brutal car accident.
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The Name Of The Game Is A Kidnapping
The Name Of The Game Is A Kidnapping Keigo Higashino
Award-winning author Keigo Higashino returns with a modern mystery where a once powerful man is broken, and upon finding an opening makes a big and potentially dangerous game in the name of revenge.
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Kabukimonogatari Dandy Tale
Kabukimonogatari Dandy Tale NISIOISIN
Officially the second part of MONOGATARI's second arc, KABUKI dives into the past of one of the MONOGATARI's first heorines - Mayoi Hachikuji. With an animated series by SONY, KABUKIMONOGATARI is a must read for BAKE fans, and a must for fans of Japanese YA fiction.
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Hanamonogatari NISIOISIN
HANAMONOGATARI follows Suruga Kanbaru after Koyomi Araragi has graduated from high school. Suruga is now a third-year student, and all of her upperclassmen friends have graduated. Rumors have spread that a mysterious "devil" has been solving peoples' problems. After investigating this rumor, Suruga is surprised to find her Rainy Devil arm has gone missing. Book #9 in the series.
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Otorimonogatari: Decoy Tale
Otorimonogatari: Decoy Tale NISIOISIN
OTORIMONOGATARI follows Nadeko Sengoku. The 10th book of the series.
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