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The Borgia Ring
The Borgia Ring Michael White
Seamlessly blending past and present storylines, The Borgia Ring is a compulsive crime thriller.
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Pig Boy
Pig Boy J.C. Burke
An unmissable novel from the award-winning author of The Story of Tom Brennan.
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Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl J.C. Burke
If you liked Beautiful Malice or Mice you'll be on the edge of your seat as you read Pretty Girl.
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Inspector Anders And The Blood Vendetta
Inspector Anders And The Blood Vendetta Marshall Browne
Marshall Browne is easily the best Australian mystery writer. Nicely sophisticated and generous-minded - Kate Jennings
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The Eye Of The Abyss
The Eye Of The Abyss Marshall Browne
The Dilemma of an ordinary man in Nazi Germany.
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Rendezvous At Kamakura Inn
Rendezvous At Kamakura Inn Marshall Browne
Marshall Browne is easily the best Australian mystery writer. Nicely sophisticated and generous-minded. Kate Jennings Shortlisted for the Best Crime Fiction Award, Ned Kelly Crime Awards
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Two Tigers, One Mountain
Two Tigers, One Mountain Bruce Venables
From the Korean War to the Cultural Revolution, Two Tigers, One Mountain is an epic story of a family dynasty on a violent course to destruction.
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The Precipice
The Precipice Virginia Duigan
What happens when an obsession takes over and there is no one to hold you back? Longlisted for the Miles Franklin Award.
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The Sixth Key
The Sixth Key Adriana Koulias
A brain-teasing conspiracy thriller and an action-packed ride through the centuries.
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Darkness, My Old Friend
Darkness, My Old Friend Lisa Unger
From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger comes a spellbinding thriller that explores faith, memory and sacrifice.
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The Brotherhood
The Brotherhood Y A Erskine
One dead cop, one small island and an impact that will last a lifetime.
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Original Sin
Original Sin Allison Brennan
A chilling paranormal romance: What if the Seven Deadly Sins were seven fallen angels - and they were about to wreak havoc on earth?
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Avalanche Pass
Avalanche Pass John A Flanagan
Like Die Hard in the snow!
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A Dark Place to Die
A Dark Place to Die Ed Chatterton
A pulsating psychological thriller that takes you from the dark, iron heart of a cold English city to the searing white-heat of an Australian wilderness...
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Falling To Ash
Falling To Ash Karen Mahoney
Being a vampire is for life — not just a lifestyle. A brand-new series from the author of The Iron Witch
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Private Oz
Private Oz James Patterson
James Patterson's bestselling PRIVATE series sees the world's most exclusive detective agency open a new office - in Sydney!
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The Betrayal
The Betrayal Y A Erskine
An engrossing novel of corruption and injustice at the heart of the police system, from the author of The Brotherhood.
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One Andrew Hutchinson
Why do we do such crazy things when we’re in love?
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Underland Ed Chatterton
Some secrets are buried deep . . . Set in both Liverpool and Hollywood, Underland is another exciting, uncompromising thriller from the author of A Dark Place to Die.
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The Homecoming
The Homecoming Carsten Stroud
For fans of Stephen King and John Connolly, The Homecoming is a darkly menacing horror thriller, and Book 2 in the Niceville trilogy. Somewhere in the American South, there is a town where something is very, very wrong....
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Fragile Lisa Unger
A stunning new stand-alone psychological thriller from bestselling author Lisa Unger.
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Carnal Sin
Carnal Sin Allison Brennan
A chilling paranormal romance: Two weeks ago demon-hunters Moira O’Donnell and Rafe Cooper conquered Evil. But now Lust has taken hold in the City of Angels...
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Aftershock Sam Fisher
An adrenalin-fuelled action thriller - as global rescue team E-Force swoop into action on their second heart-stopping mission...
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State Of Emergency
State Of Emergency Sam Fisher
The explosive first novel in Sam Fisher’s high-octane action series.
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