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Frankenstein Mary Shelley
The world's most famous work of horror fiction.
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Dracula Bram Stoker
A stunningly beautiful clothbound hardback edition of one of the most famous Gothic horror stories in the world.
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London Fields
London Fields Martin Amis
'A true story, a murder story, a love story and a thriller bursting with humour, sex and often dazzling language' Independent
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The Hound of the Baskervilles, A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of Four
The Hound of the Baskervilles, A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of Four Arthur Conan Doyle
A beautiful hardback collection of Sherlock's most famous adventures
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The Woman In White
The Woman In White Wilkie Collins
The Woman in White famously opens with Walter Hartright's eerie encounter on a moonlit London road.
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The Secret Agent
The Secret Agent Joseph Conrad
'Spookily topical' - Guardian
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Blood's A Rover
Blood's A Rover James Ellroy
The final novel in the magisterial Underworld USA Trilogy
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Stories
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Stories Robert Louis Stevenson
“Instantly the spirit of hell awoke in me and raged... I was suddenly struck through the heart by a cold thrill of terror “- Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
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Brighton Rock
Brighton Rock Graham Greene
Gripping, terrifying, an unputdownable read - Greene's iconic tale of the razor-wielding Pinkie.
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Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories
A scarily good collection of ghost stories from well known authors ~ both classic and contemporary
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The Everyman Chesterton
The Everyman Chesterton G. K. Chesterton
The time for a revival of interest in the work of G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936), a towering figure in literary world of the early twentieth century, is long overdue. Novelist, journalist, short-story writer, essayist, biographer, critic, poet and Catholic apologist, his was a many-faceted talent as this generous selection made for Everyman by his biographer Ian Ker bears witness.
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The Name of the Rose
The Name of the Rose Umberto Eco
Beautifully bound, hardback edition of Umberto Eco's masterpiece. Introduced by David Lodge; Novelist and critic.
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The L.A. Quartet
The L.A. Quartet James Ellroy
Here in one volume is James Ellroy's epic re-imagining of the dark underside of postwar Los Angeles. A groundbreaking work of American crime fiction.
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American Tabloid and The Cold Six Thousand
American Tabloid and The Cold Six Thousand James Ellroy
'America was never innocent.' Thus begins the Underworld U.S.A. Trilogy. It's James Ellroy's pop history of the 1960s, his window-peeper's view of government misconduct, his dirty trickster's take on the great events of an incendiary era. It's a tour de force of the American idiom, and an acknowledged masterpiece.
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