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The Boy in the Headlights
The Boy in the Headlights Samuel Bjork
How can you stop a murderer when you cannot predict their next move? A serial killer is choosing his victims at random, it is a detective's worst nightmare and the ultimate challenge for Munch and Kruger.
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Bryant & May - The Lonely Hour
Bryant & May - The Lonely Hour Christopher Fowler
In London a cunning killer goes about his grim work - a killer who always strikes at 'the lonely hour' - 4am. It falls to detectives Arthur Bryant and John May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit to find the method in his madness . . .
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The Second Wife
The Second Wife Rebecca Fleet
She's part of the family now. For better - and for worse . . . The twisty new thriller from the acclaimed author of The House Swap.
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The Body Lies
The Body Lies Jo Baker
A compulsive, suspenseful, bravely observed contemporary novel about a creative writing school tutor whose relationship with a student goes tragically wrong - from the bestselling author of LONGBOURN
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The Sleepwalker
The Sleepwalker Joseph Knox
Transferred from the night shift to protective custody, Detective Aidan Waits has one job: to extract the location of Martin Wick’s final victim before he passes away. But Wick’s whispered final words tell of an unfeeling, unfailing contract killer at work…and Aidan's name is next on the list.
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