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Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow
Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow Peter Høeg
A beautifully packaged reissue of this classic Scandinavian crime novel, to celebrate 21 years since its first UK publication
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Pieces Of Light
Pieces Of Light Adam Thorpe
A fascinating fictional investigation into the resonance of the past, both personal and ancient.
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Strangers on a Train
Strangers on a Train Patricia Highsmith
The classic thriller behind the Hitchcock film - soon to be remade by David Fincher, director of Gone Girl
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Ripley Under Ground
Ripley Under Ground Patricia Highsmith
Patricia Highsmith is unrivalled' Daily Telegraph
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Ripley's Game
Ripley's Game Patricia Highsmith
'Highsmith constructs her plot with masterly finesse' - Daily Telegraph
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Semiautomatic Robert Reuland
A brilliant literary thriller in the style of Scott Turow.
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Hollowpoint Robert Reuland
A brilliant legal thriller by bestselling novelist and homicide district attorney, Rob Reuland.
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Outlaws Kevin Sampson
Outlaws is Kevin Sampson's finest book to date: a taut, thrilling novel told in a vernacular that sizzles off the page.
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The Dumas Club Arturo Peréz-Reverte
In the world of rare books, everything has its price. But when the book is a satanic tract, the trading currency is not money, but life...
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The Fencing Master Arturo Peréz-Reverte
A brilliantly compelling historical mystery, set in nineteenth-century Spain.
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The Eye of the Leopard
The Eye of the Leopard Henning Mankell
The Eye of the Leopard is a first-rate psychological thriller, delving deep into the mind of a man lost in an unknown world, and is Mankell’s finest non-crime novel yet.
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The Seville Communion Arturo Peréz-Reverte
An intriguing, absorbing noir mystery about murders in a tiny church in Seville that draw the attention of the Vatican.
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The Return Of The Dancing Master
The Return Of The Dancing Master Henning Mankell
'Mankell is by far the best writer of police mysteries today. He is in the great tradition of those whose works transcend their chosen genre to become thrilling and moral literature' Michael Ondaatje
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The Shadow Girls
The Shadow Girls Henning Mankell
The inspirational tale of a writer who finds himself caught up in the extraordinary stories of three young immigrant girls in Sweden by the 'Swedish John le Carre', Henning Mankell
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A Matter Of Death And Life
A Matter Of Death And Life Andrey Kurkov
'Kurkov is hugely talented. Truly very funny' -Time Out
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Penguin Lost
Penguin Lost Andrey Kurkov
'A darkly comic and offbeat journey. P-p-p-pick it up!' - Scotsman
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The Dante Club
The Dante Club Matthew Pearl
The Dante Club is a magnificent blend of fact and fiction, a brilliantly realised paean to Dante's continued grip on our imagination, and a captivating thriller that surprises from beginning to end.
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Empire of Wolves
Empire of Wolves Jean-Christophe Grange
A potent mix of thriller, politics and science set in Paris' Turkish quarter by a bestselling French master of suspense.
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Zone Defence
Zone Defence Petros Markaris
A compelling Athens-based thriller from the author of The Late-night News
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The Three Evangelists
The Three Evangelists Fred Vargas
Winner of the inaugural 2006 International CWA Dagger
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Sun And Shadow
Sun And Shadow Åke Edwardson
Meet Erik Winter: not a stereotypically glum detective. The youngest chief inspector in Sweden, he wears sharp suits, cooks gourmet meals, has a penchant for jazz and is about to become a father. But he has his share of troubles too: a bloody double murder on his doorstep is only the beginning.
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Never End
Never End Åke Edwardson
Detective Chief Inspector Erik Winter returns in a hard-boiled murder mystery about the dark and dirty underside of upstanding family life
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Sweet Danger
Sweet Danger Margery Allingham
A CLASSIC ALBERT CAMPION CRIME MYSTERY'Always of the elect, Margery Allingham now towers among them' Observer
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