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Hypothermia Arnaldur Indridason
The latest thrilling instalment in Indridason's CWA Gold Dagger Award-winning Reykjavik Murder Mystery series.
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Arctic Chill
Arctic Chill Arnaldur Indridason
The latest thrilling instalment in Indridason's CWA Gold Dagger Award-winning Reykjavik Murder Mystery series.
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Black Skies
Black Skies Arnaldur Indridason
A suspected blackmailer is found murdered in this gripping crime story from the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger winner, Arnaldur Indridason
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Outrage Arnaldur Indridason
Indridason returns triumphantly to his worldwide bestselling Reykjavik Murder Mystery series.
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The Shadow Killer
The Shadow Killer Arnaldur Indridason
The second thrilling novel in Indridason's brilliant new series, set in wartime Reykjavík.
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The Blinded Man
The Blinded Man Arne Dahl
Henning Mankell meets The Wire in the first book in a major new Scandinavian crime series following an elite team of detectives on the hunt for the killer of several high profile businessmen
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Bad Blood
Bad Blood Arne Dahl
Set to be the new Scandinavian crime sensation from BBC Four: in Bad Blood, Detective Paul Hjelm and his team are called in to try and catch an American serial killer on the loose in Sweden
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To the Top of the Mountain
To the Top of the Mountain Arne Dahl
Like Henning Mankell? Then you'll love Arne Dahl, the latest international crime sensation as seen on BBC Four.
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Europa Blues
Europa Blues Arne Dahl
A gangster is murdered; an elderly professor is executed; eight women disappear. Three cases, one team of detectives - the latest instalment in Arne Dahl's award-winning crime series, as seen on BBC Four
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Watching You
Watching You Arne Dahl
A breath-taking thriller with twists you’ll never see coming. The start of a new series from international bestseller Arne Dahl.
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Hunted Arne Dahl
What happens when the cops become the prey?
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The Flanders Panel Arturo Peréz-Reverte
A brilliant murder mystery in which a clue to a murder is hidden within a medieval painting.
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The Dumas Club Arturo Peréz-Reverte
In the world of rare books, everything has its price. But when the book is a satanic tract, the trading currency is not money, but life...
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The Fencing Master Arturo Peréz-Reverte
A brilliantly compelling historical mystery, set in nineteenth-century Spain.
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The Seville Communion Arturo Peréz-Reverte
An intriguing, absorbing noir mystery about murders in a tiny church in Seville that draw the attention of the Vatican.
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Her Fearful Symmetry
Her Fearful Symmetry Audrey Niffenegger
The brilliant new novel from the author of the massive international bestseller, The Time Traveler's Wife now in second format
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The Widow's Secret
The Widow's Secret Brian Thompson
Meet Bella Wallis: a charismatic Victorian widow with a sideline in sensationalist novels and a fierce determination to seek revenge in print for what can never be achieved in real life
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The Player's Curse
The Player's Curse Brian Thompson
Kidnap, cricket and cross-dressing: all in a day's work for Brian Thompson's Bella Wallis
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The Sailor's Ransom
The Sailor's Ransom Brian Thompson
Bella Wallis -- 'woman of mystery' -- returns in a scintillating new episode from prizewinning author Brian Thompson
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Day After Day Carlo Lucarelli
Ispettore Grazia Negro tracks down another faceless killer in this intelligent sequel to the CWA Gold Dagger Award-shortlisted ALMOST BLUE.
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Almost Blue Carlo Lucarelli
'A compact and powerful masterpiece' GuardianSHORTLISTED FOR CWA GOLD DAGGER AWARD
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Kept D J Taylor
Madness, greed, love, obsession, Machiavellian plotting and a great train robbery in a captivating Victorian mystery about the extreme and curious things men do to get - and keep - what they want.
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Star of the North
Star of the North D. B. John
This is the most explosive thriller of the year - you won't be able to put it down.
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