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The Homecoming
The Homecoming Carsten Stroud
For fans of Stephen King and John Connolly, The Homecoming is a darkly menacing horror thriller, and Book 2 in the Niceville trilogy. Somewhere in the American South, there is a town where something is very, very wrong....
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Fragile Lisa Unger
A stunning new stand-alone psychological thriller from bestselling author Lisa Unger.
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Darkwater Georgia Blain
A beautifully atmospheric mystery about family, politics and murder in an idyllic Sydney suburb.
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Black Ice
Black Ice Leah Giarratano
Beautiful people can do terrible things . . .
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Watch The World Burn
Watch The World Burn Leah Giarratano
A chilling, white knuckle ride
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Blood Men
Blood Men Paul Cleave
A suspense-filled novel from the internationally acclaimed crime writer.
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Storm Peak
Storm Peak John A Flanagan
A thrilling read from one of our great storytellers.
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Vodka Doesn't Freeze
Vodka Doesn't Freeze Leah Giarratano
The thrilling novel from clinical psychologist turned crime writer, now with a great new cover.
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Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Doll Leah Giarratano
Evil will find its way in.
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Crooked Camilla Nelson
Money couldn’t buy a better police force . . .
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The Thief of Light
The Thief of Light Bernard Schaffer
In this must-read thriller, an ambitious young cop suspects there's more to random, horrific murders in her small town and stumbles upon the first known Omnikiller – a serial killer who cannot be profiled because his M.O. is constantly changing . . .
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The Woman in Darkness
The Woman in Darkness Charlie Donlea
From the author of The Girl Who Was Taken and Don't Believe It, a taut, gripping thriller about the deadly secrets that hide in plain sight . . .
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