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10-Lb Penalty
10-Lb Penalty Dick Francis
A wealthy businessman running for a parliamentary by-election in Dorset, Juliard Sr needs all the help he can get - especially when the campaign moves from mudslinging to something more deadly.
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A Dark-Adapted Eye: Green Popular Penguins
A Dark-Adapted Eye: Green Popular Penguins Barbara Vine
Vera was prim and fastidious. Eden was beautiful and adored. Like most families they had their secrets...and they hid them under a genteelly respectable veneer. Yet their sisterly bond was strained by obsession, manipulation and murderous . . . 
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A Gift for Dying
A Gift for Dying M J Arlidge
The gripping new stand-alone thriller from the bestselling author of the DI Helen Grace series.
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After the Silence: Inspector Rykel Book 1
After the Silence: Inspector Rykel Book 1 Jake Woodhouse
A body is found hanging on a hook above the canals of Amsterdam's old town, a mobile phone forced into the victim's mouth.
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Anything You Do Say
Anything You Do Say Gillian McAllister
Gone Girl meets Sliding Doors in this edge-of-your-seat thriller from the Sunday Times top 10 bestseller.
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Banker Dick Francis
Tim Ekaterin has a lot of money. Unfortunately, it is other people's, and it's his job to invest it wisely, or get fired. And right now he's taken a big risk: using £5 million of the bank's money to fund a champion racing stallion stud.
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Before the Dawn: Inspector Rykel Book 3
Before the Dawn: Inspector Rykel Book 3 Jake Woodhouse
The third sinister book from Jake Woodhouse. Jaap Rykel may be chasing a serial killer or - if possible - something worse.
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Behind Dead Eyes
Behind Dead Eyes Howard Linskey
A corpse is found, its identity extinguished in the most shocking manner imaginable. Detective Ian Bradshaw can't catch the killer if no one can ID the victim. Out there, somewhere, a missing young woman may hold the answers.
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Beneath The Skin
Beneath The Skin Nicci French
Someons's watching you. You don't know who. Or why. But he knows you . . .
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Beneath the Skin: Green Popular Penguins
Beneath the Skin: Green Popular Penguins Nicci French
Three women's lives are stretched to breaking point as they are tracked by a cruel and malicious stalker. Zoe, Jenny and Nadia have nothing in common save the disturbing letters that probe their most vulnerable secrets . . . 
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Between The Crosses
Between The Crosses Matthew Frank
The sequel to If I Should Die, winner of the Waverton Good Read Award
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Bitter Fruits
Bitter Fruits Alice Clark-Platts
The murder of a first-year university student shocks the city of Durham.  The victim, Emily Brabents, was from the privileged and popular set at Joyce College, a cradle for the country's future elite. 
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Black-Eyed Susans
Black-Eyed Susans Julia Heaberlin
A twisted serial killer is among the Eight New Popular Penguin Picks.
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Blood Sport
Blood Sport Dick Francis
Gene Hawkins is a fixer for his boss Mr Keeble: if Keeble has a problem Gene fixes it. It's that simple. Sometimes it requires the Luger he carries - mostly it doesn't.
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Blue Light Yokohama
Blue Light Yokohama Nicolas Obregon
A hauntingly atmospheric debut thriller from a stunning young talent.
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Bolt Dick Francis
Jockey Kit Fielding's patron, Princess Casilia, is in trouble. Her invalid husband is being threatened by a ruthless business partner who wants to use the firm to manufacture arms. At the same time, some of the Princess's best horses are being killed - shot by a bolt.
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Break In
Break In Dick Francis
Steeplechase jockey Kit Fielding has just ridden another winner for his patron - the Princess - when his distraught twin sister Holly comes to him with terrible news. A newspaper is printing stories which will put her husband, Bobby Allardeck, and his stables out of business.
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Broken Heart: David Raker Book 7
Broken Heart: David Raker Book 7 Tim Weaver
A woman drives to a secluded beauty spot on the Somerset coast. CCTV watches her enter but doesn't see her leaving. In fact, Lynda Korin is never seen again.
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Bronx Requiem
Bronx Requiem John Clarkson
James Beck is back in the Bronx, avenging the murder of an ex-con freshly released from prison.
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