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The Wrecker
The Wrecker Clive Cussler, Justin Scott
1907: train wrecks, fires and explosions sabotage the Southern Pacific Railroad's new express line . . .
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Lost Empire
Lost Empire Grant Blackwood, Clive Cussler
Some treasures are best left buried . . .
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Redemption Jussi Adler-Olsen
Two young brothers wake tied up and gagged in a boathouse by the sea. Their bonds are inescapable. But, just perhaps, there is a way to cry for help . . .
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Want To Play?
Want To Play? P. J. Tracy
Crime-writing mother-and-daughter duo PJ Tracy help launch Penguin Picks.
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Gamble Felix Francis
As one of the youngest ever winners of the Grand National, Nick 'Foxy' Foxton's career as a world class jockey is on perfect track until a near fatal accident cuts his dream brutally short. But when he returns to Aintree as a spectator years later, nothing can prepare him for what unfolds.
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Beneath the Skin: Green Popular Penguins
Beneath the Skin: Green Popular Penguins Nicci French
Three women's lives are stretched to breaking point as they are tracked by a cruel and malicious stalker. Zoe, Jenny and Nadia have nothing in common save the disturbing letters that probe their most vulnerable secrets . . . 
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A Dark-Adapted Eye: Green Popular Penguins
A Dark-Adapted Eye: Green Popular Penguins Barbara Vine
Vera was prim and fastidious. Eden was beautiful and adored. Like most families they had their secrets...and they hid them under a genteelly respectable veneer. Yet their sisterly bond was strained by obsession, manipulation and murderous . . . 
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Waiting For Wednesday
Waiting For Wednesday Nicci French
Just a chance remark made by a potential client, but to psychotherapist Frieda Klein it sets off alarm bells.
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Thursday's Child
Thursday's Child Nicci French
Twenty years teenager Frieda Klein was brutally attacked in her own home. No one believed her - not the police, not her mother, not her friends. She left town, trained as a psychologist and never went back.
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