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Spice: A Sugar and Spice Novel
Spice: A Sugar and Spice Novel Seressia Glass
Nadia Spiceland works in the business of temptation. The confections she crafts at the Sugar and Spice Bakery and Café lure in the locals. But one customer is interested in more than just her delectable sticky buns . . .
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Scandal Never Sleeps: A Perfect Gentlemen Novel
Scandal Never Sleeps: A Perfect Gentlemen Novel Shayla Black, Lexi Blake
They are the Perfect Gentlemen of Creighton Academy: privileged, wealthy, powerful friends with a wild side. But a deadly scandal is about to tear down their seemingly ideal lives . . .
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Naughty Bits
Naughty Bits Joey W. Hill
Inheriting her sister's North Carolina lingerie shop, Naughty Bits, Madison jumps at the chance to dump her boring finance career and try her luck down South. 
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The List
The List Anne Calhoun
Matchmaker and stationery shop owner Matilda Davies brings people together. For those on her list, Tilda will find the man or woman of their dreams—whether it's for an hour or a lifetime.
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The Muse
The Muse Anne Calhoun
Arden MacCarren can't afford to lose control. Her family's investment house has failed, their professional reputation is all but destroyed, and it's up to Arden to hold the line. The only distraction she allows herself is a weekly drawing class where she can forget everything. 
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Desperado: Taggart Brothers Book 1
Desperado: Taggart Brothers Book 1 Lisa Bingham
Elam Taggart knows about the nickname town gossips have given him: Desperado. He doesn't care. He's lost just about everything: his wife, his parents, his little sister, and his career as a Navy EOD specialist. After returning home, he hightails it to the rugged Wasatch Mountains outside town.
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Renegade: Taggart Brothers Book 2
Renegade: Taggart Brothers Book 2 Lisa Bingham
When tragedy struck, Jace Taggart stepped in to run the family business and care for his brothers, sacrificing his own happiness to ensure their well-being. But after the beautiful Bronte Cupacek moves to town, Jace realizes he can't ignore the hunger inside him much longer.
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Fight to the Finish: First to Fight Book 3
Fight to the Finish: First to Fight Book 3 Jeanette Murray
Kara is a single mom working hard to keep life running smoothly for herself and her son, but a custody battle is wearing her down. When her friend suggests asking a JAG officer for some unofficial advice, Kara agrees—and soon finds herself officially head over heels . . . 
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Tough Enough: Tall, Dark and Dangerous Book 2
Tough Enough: Tall, Dark and Dangerous Book 2 M. Leighton
He's a fighter who never loses, but is he tough enough to win her heart?
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All the Right Places
All the Right Places Jenna Sutton
The first in a brand new contemporary romance series starring the men and women who are determined to keep the billion-dollar denim dynasty, Riley O’Brien & Co, on top, but aren’t about to let success stand in the way of love…
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Hanging by a Thread: Riley O'Brien & Co
Hanging by a Thread: Riley O'Brien & Co Jenna Sutton
Thirty-year-old Bebe Banerjee is desperate to get rid of two things: her fiancé and her virginity. Escaping her arranged marriage might be impossible, but she refuses to give her firsts to an entitled jerk who lives on another continent. 
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Just This Night: An Exclusive Romance
Just This Night: An Exclusive Romance Mari Madison
At News 9 San Diego, the hottest stories happen off camera.
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Break of Day: An Exclusive Romance
Break of Day: An Exclusive Romance Mari Madison
There’s a chance of a heat wave for the crew at News 9 San Diego . . .
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Exposed: Madame X
Exposed: Madame X Jasinda Wilder
My name is Madame X. My life is not my own. But it could be . . . 
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Sinner's Creed
Sinner's Creed Kim Jones
First in a new series—welcome to the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club, where hard bodies and hot leather are made for each other, and love gone wrong is the most irresistible of all...
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Sinner's Revenge
Sinner's Revenge Kim Jones
Shady has spent the last eight years of his life dedicated to the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club. But after losing the man who was both his brother and his best friend, he has a new purpose—to avenge the death of the greatest nomad in Sinner’s Creed history.
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Reaper's Fire: Reapers Motorcycle Club
Reaper's Fire: Reapers Motorcycle Club Joanna Wylde
I've lived by those words my whole life—assumed I'd die by them, too, and I never had a problem with that. My Reaper brothers took my back and I took theirs and it was enough. Then I met her. Tinker Garrett. 
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Big Easy Temptation
Big Easy Temptation Shayla Black
Years ago, Naval officer Dax Spencer and NCIS agent Holland Kirk indulged in a steamy affair—until she betrayed him in the wake of his father’s death. Dax tried to put her behind him with a payback of his own. But he never forgot Holland . . .
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Falling In Deeper
Falling In Deeper Shayla Black
After a violent tragedy nearly destroyed her, Lily Taylor ran away, changed her name, and started over. When her deadly nemesis resurfaces to eliminate his loose end, she turns to the last man she should trust—a stranger with a history of violence and an intoxicating sexuality she can’t refuse . . .
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Ruthless Lexi Blake
The Lawless siblings are bound by vengeance. Riley, Drew, Brandon, and Mia believe the CEO of StratCast orchestrated their parents’ murder twenty years ago to steal their father’s software program. And there’s only one way Riley can find some solid evidence . . .
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Dragon Spawn
Dragon Spawn Eileen Wilks
Lily learns she was right. Tom Weng—a powerful sorcerer allied with the Old One who keeps trying to take over the world—is still alive. But that’s not the worst.
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The Thing About Love
The Thing About Love Julie James
Two undercover FBI agents can hide who they are from everyone but each other in the latest novel from theNew York Times bestselling author of Suddenly One Summer.
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At First Light
At First Light Mari Madison
The author of Just This Night and Break of Day has another hot Exclusive for you.
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Face The Flames
Face The Flames Jo Davis
The author of Bring the Heat returns to Sugarland, where a firefighter from Station Five will face the dangers in risking his heart...
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