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The Dogs of Riga
The Dogs of Riga Henning Mankell
It is winter and Inspector Kurt Wallander receives an anonymous tip-off; two days later, a life raft washes up on a beach, in it lie two men, both shot dead
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The White Lioness
The White Lioness Henning Mankell
The new novel by a writer who is both a bestseller throughout Europe and universally critically acclaimed, the winner of the 2002 Gold Dagger.
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The Man Who Smiled
The Man Who Smiled Henning Mankell
'The master of the long dark night' Crime Time
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Sidetracked Henning Mankell
In this gripping thriller, Kurt Wallander's furious pursuit of a killer who scalps his victims will throw him and those he loves most into mortal danger
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One Step Behind
One Step Behind Henning Mankell
Three young friends are shot dead on Midsummer's Eve. Then one of Kurt Wallander's colleagues is murdered. Is it the same killer?
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Firewall Henning Mankell
The latest book in Mankell's critically acclaimed and best selling Kurt Wallander series. A police procedural about our increasing vulnerability in the modern digitalised world.
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The Pyramid
The Pyramid Henning Mankell
An essential read for all fans of Kurt Wallander: The Pyramid brings us the early years of Kurt Wallander
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Faceless Killers
Faceless Killers Henning Mankell
The first title in the acclaimed Inspector Wallander series.
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