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Cockroaches Jo Nesbo
The thrilling sequel to Nesbo's debut novel The Bat, The Cockroaches sees Harry Hole sent to Bangkok to investigate the murder of the Norwegian ambassador
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The Snowman
The Snowman Jo Nesbo
When the first snow falls, Harry Hole is confronted by a terrifying murderer who will push him to the edge...
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The Redbreast
The Redbreast Jo Nesbo
A brilliantly tense thriller from Scandinavian crime writing superstar Jo Nesbo.
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The Bat
The Bat Jo Nesbo
The thrilling first book in the bestselling Harry Hole series, never before published in English
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Phantom Jo Nesbo
The thrilling follow-up to Jo Nesbo's #1 bestseller The Leopard
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The Devil's Star
The Devil's Star Jo Nesbo
Detective Harry Hole finds himself up against a terrifying serial killer in this thriller by internationally bestselling Jo Nesbo
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