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To Kill A Mockingbird
To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee
The bestselling, Pulitzer prize-winning classic.
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Cari Mora
Cari Mora Thomas Harris
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The Overstory
The Overstory Richard Powers
Moving through America’s history and its landscape, this is a wondrous, exhilarating novel about nine strangers brought together by an unfolding natural catastrophe.
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The Cauliflower®
The Cauliflower® Nicola Barker
From the internationally acclaimed, Man Booker-nominated author Nicola Barker.
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Straight White Male
Straight White Male John Niven
Another brilliant comic satire, but Niven's most accessible yet.
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The Sunshine Cruise Company
The Sunshine Cruise Company John Niven
The side-splittingly funny and razor-sharp new novel from John Niven, author of Kill Your Friends and Straight White Male.
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The Golden Egg
The Golden Egg Donna Leon
The eagerly anticipated twenty-second instalment in the internationally acclaimed, bestselling Commissario Brunetti series
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A Farewell to Arms: The Special Edition
A Farewell to Arms: The Special Edition Ernest Hemingway
A special edition of Hemingway's powerful autobiographical war classic, including the author's 1948 introduction, his early drafts, and all of the 47 alternative endings
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Closed Doors
Closed Doors Lisa O'Donnell
The brilliant new novel from the acclaimed author of The Death of Bees, winner of the Commonwealth Book Prize 2013.
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Smoke over Malibu
Smoke over Malibu Tim Walker
A satire of sundered friendships and frayed male egos at the Hollywood intersection of art and commerce, Smoke Over Malibu is a soft-boiled mystery, a fish-out-of-water farce, a buddy comedy, an inaction thriller, a hipster indie. It is absolutely, positively not a superhero blockbuster.
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A Clockwork Orange
A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess
This special edition of A Clockwork Orange restores the text of Anthony Burgess' novel as he originally wrote it, and includes a glossary of his teen slang 'Nadsat', pages from the original typescript, explanatory notes, interviews, articles and reviews, shedding light on the enduring fascination of the book's 'sweet and juicy criminality'.
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Fourth of July Creek
Fourth of July Creek Smith Henderson
A dark and powerful debut novel set in the hardscrabble American heartlands.
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Tigerman Nick Harkaway
From the highly acclaimed author of The Gone-Away World and Angelmaker comes Nick Harkaway's brilliant new novel about ex-colonies, superheroes and paternal love.
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The Hundred-Year House
The Hundred-Year House Rebecca Makkai
A dazzlingly original new novel from the acclaimed author of The Borrower
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If I Fall, If I Die
If I Fall, If I Die Michael Christie
A heartfelt and wondrous debut lauded by Philipp Meyer (New York Times bestselling author of The Son) as "astonishing", introducing a supremely gifted and exciting new voice in fiction.
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The Shore
The Shore Sara Taylor
Dreamlike and yet impossibly real, profound and playful, THE SHORE is a breathtakingly ambitious and accomplished debut by a young writer of astonishing gifts. THE SHORE recalls David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad and Ulverton by Adam Thorpe.
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The Sunlight Pilgrims
The Sunlight Pilgrims Jenni Fagan
From the highly acclaimed author of The Panopticon and one of Granta’s Best Young British Writers comes the new novel THE SUNLIGHT PILGRIMS.
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No Good Deed
No Good Deed John Niven
The long-awaited new novel by John Niven, bestselling author of Kill Your Friends and Straight White Male.
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High Dive
High Dive Jonathan Lee
A gripping re-imagining of one of the most ambitious assassination attempts against the British establishment from one of the finest novelists of his generation.
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Fates and Furies
Fates and Furies Lauren Groff
On the surface, Mathilde is the perfect wife. But there are always two sides to every marriage. Read the New York Times bestseller taking the world by storm.
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Submission Michel Houellebecq
Submission is the highly-anticipated new novel from the internationally bestselling French writer Michel Houellebecq
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The Map and the Territory
The Map and the Territory Michel Houellebecq
Part thriller, part satire, Houellebecq's prize winning and critically acclaimed new novel will be a publishing sensation
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Go Set a Watchman
Go Set a Watchman Harper Lee
From Harper Lee comes a landmark new novel set two decades after her beloved Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece, To Kill a Mockingbird.
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Spill Simmer Falter Wither
Spill Simmer Falter Wither Sara Baume
An extraordinary and heartbreaking debut by a major new talent.
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