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Seraph Of The End, 1
Seraph Of The End, 1 Takaya Kagami
Seraph of the End is a novelized prequel of the hit manga series of the same name, published by Viz Media, and detailing the series of events that occurred eight years before the start of the manga. Full of teen agnst and dark fantasy action, it is a modern tale that properly represents the new Japanese literary genre - Light Novels.
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Anime Supremacy!
Anime Supremacy! Mizuki Tsujimura
Naoki Prize winner Mizuki Tsujimura takes on the Japanese animation sector in this fiery tale of an insiders look at one of Japan’s most beloved industries.
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S Es
S Es Koji Suzuki
The latest edition of the RING series is set years after the original Sadako story. Now in a modern age of computers and the internet, the Sadako virus is revitilized and is potentially even more dangerous. Combining classic Japanese horror and modern themes, S is Koji Suzuki’s powerful return to the J-Horror field!
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Strangulation NISIOISIN
The debut work from NISIOISIN, Zaregoto is NISIOISIN's twist on the I-novel where his narrator reveals a mystery and tries desperately to not take part in what transpires over the work. Full of intriguing young characters and action filled drama, Strangulation and Decapitation are the basis for the modern light novel movement creating a new genre of literature for Japan's X generation and beyond.
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