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The First Circle
The First Circle Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
One of the greatest Russian novels of all time, this epic explores the dark side of Soviet life in the final years of Stalin's reign of terror.
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The Andalucian Friend
The Andalucian Friend Alexander Soderberg
The Godfather for the 21st century. The Andalucian Friend is a major international thriller about an intricate crime web that engulfs all who are caught up in it.
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Local Girls
Local Girls Alice Hoffman
'Alice Hoffman writes quite wonderfully about the magic in our lives' The New York Times Book Review
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The River King
The River King Alice Hoffman
A compelling, daring and spellbinding novel from a master storyteller.
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Here On Earth
Here On Earth Alice Hoffman
'Hoffman is shrewd and witty about the networks of gossip and affection in town, and she evokes place superbly... spellbinding' - Sunday Times
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Floating Bridge (Storycuts)
Floating Bridge (Storycuts) Alice Munro
A destabilising appointment leads to a strange journey home
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Family Furnishings (Storycuts)
Family Furnishings (Storycuts) Alice Munro
A story about what can pass us by when we harden ourselves to the past and the people that populate it.
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Comfort (Storycuts)
Comfort (Storycuts) Alice Munro
A story of a married couple and the aftermath of death
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Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage (Storycuts)
Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage (Storycuts) Alice Munro
A cruel series of fabrications upsets several lives in unexpected ways.
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The Bear Came Over The Mountain (Storycuts)
The Bear Came Over The Mountain (Storycuts) Alice Munro
A woman experiences the changing obligations of married life and discovers it's not hard to justify a desired trespass.
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Queenie (Storycuts)
Queenie (Storycuts) Alice Munro
An elopement provides a younger step-sister with an eye-opening insight into relationships.
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Post and Beam (Storycuts)
Post and Beam (Storycuts) Alice Munro
An acute portrait of a married couple's life and the pressure of external forces on it.
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Nettles (Storycuts)
Nettles (Storycuts) Alice Munro
Former friends are reunited in difficult and surprising circumstances
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What Is Remembered (Storycuts)
What Is Remembered (Storycuts) Alice Munro
A story about the caprices of the mind: when conscious efforts to preserve memories are shown to be unreliable.
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Runaway Alice Munro
Munro is a magician with words, but also with layers of life and emotion.
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Dear Life
Dear Life Alice Munro
**Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature** The brilliant new collection of stories by the winner of the 2009 Man Booker International Prize
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Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You
Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You Alice Munro
**Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature** A remarkable early collection of stories by Alice Munro, the bestselling author of Dear Life, and one of the greatest fiction writers of our time.
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Lives of Girls and Women
Lives of Girls and Women Alice Munro
Moving, ribald and semi-autobiographical, Lives of Girls and Women is the only novel from Alice Munro, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature
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Friend of My Youth
Friend of My Youth Alice Munro
'It is a collection that attests, once again, to Ms Munro's complete fluency in the short-story form, her emergence as one of the most eloquent and gifted writers of contemporary fiction... This is a wonderful collection of stories, beautifully written and deeply felt.' New York Times
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The Progress of Love
The Progress of Love Alice Munro
These dazzling and utterly satisfying stories explore varieties and degrees of love - filial, platonic, sexual, parental and imagined - in the lives of apparently ordinary folk. In fact, Munro's characters pulse with idiosyncratic life. Under the polished surface of these unsentimental dispatches from the small-town and rural front lies a strong undertow of violence and sexuality, repressed until something snaps, with extraordinary force in some of the stories, sadly and strangely in others.
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I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You Allison Pearson
From the no. 1 bestselling author of I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT: a witty and poignant story about a young girl who falls hopelessly in love with her teenage pin-up and some twenty years later, with her life in pieces all around her, finally gets to meet him.
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