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Confession of the Lioness
Confession of the Lioness Mia Couto
A passionate novel confronting tradition and superstition, nature and man, from ‘one of the richest and most important authors in Africa’ (Henning Mankell)
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Confessions of a Map Dealer
Confessions of a Map Dealer Paul Micou
'Micou is a master of comic characterisation and his writing style is often reminiscent of a young Graham Greene.' The Times. The quote sums up Confessions of A Map Dealer perfectly - very readable/commerical and great fun.
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Conviction Denise Mina
The start of a brilliant new series from an exceptional, award-winning crime writer.
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Dancing in the Dark
Dancing in the Dark Karl Ove Knausgaard
A beautiful, funny, vital novel of teenage years and teenage mistakes from the international phenomenon, Karl Ove Knausgaard
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Dancing with the Tiger
Dancing with the Tiger Lili Wright
'A rollicking combination of art and archaeology, forgeries, drug deals, and tourists, Montezuma, murder, and love. Dancing with the Tiger is smart, sexy, and extremely suspenseful. Block out some time – once you start, you won’t be putting it down' Karen Joy Fowler, author of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and The Jane Austen Book Club
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Daniel Henning Mankell
A compelling story of a child driven to violence through loss and loneliness
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Dear Daughter
Dear Daughter Elizabeth Little
The looks. The brains. The money. The motive?
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Death at Intervals
Death at Intervals José Saramago
'Death at Intervals is a delight: witty, clever, humane, light in tone, profoundly serious in matter' - Scotsman
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Death Zones
Death Zones Simon Pasternak
Violence, greed and betrayal await detective Heinrich Hoffmann as he investigates the murder of a German General
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Decompression Juli Zeh
Underwater, things can go wrong in an instant
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Divorce is in the Air
Divorce is in the Air Gonzalo Torné
A provocative, acerbic novel about love – and the end of love – and how hard it can be to let go
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Down And Out In Paris And London
Down And Out In Paris And London George Orwell
Down and Out in Paris and London is George Orwell's haunting account of the streets and those who have no choice but to live on them.
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Echoland Per Petterson
Petterson's debut novel, about growing up and rancorous family life, published in English for the first time
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Everybody's Right
Everybody's Right Paolo Sorrentino
An exhilarating first novel from the acclaimed Italian film director Paolo Sorrentino, following the fortunes of the extraordinarily charismatic anti-hero Tony Pagoda
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Flight Sherman Alexie
Sherman Alexie’s first novel in ten years is the hilarious and tragic portrait of an orphaned Indian boy who travels back and forth through time in a charged search for his true identity.
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Gallatin Canyon Thomas McGuane
A superb collection of stories from one of our most acclaimed literary figures. 'A writer of the first magnitude' - The New York Times
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Ghost Light
Ghost Light Joseph O'Connor
A powerful and deeply moving masterpiece about love, partings and reconciliation - and of the courage involved in living on nobody else's terms
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Hame Annalena McAfee
A literary detective story uncovering the past of a reclusive poet, as a mother and daughter make a new life on a remote Scottish island.
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Hellfire Karin Fossum
The brand new psychological crime novel in the award-winning Inspector Sejer series, books beloved for their deep insight into the human mind
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History of Violence
History of Violence Edouard Louis
The radical, urgent new novel from the author of The End of Eddy – a personal and powerful story of violence
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Homage to Catalonia
Homage to Catalonia George Orwell
'You always, I notice, feel the same when you are under heavy fire – not so much afraid of being hit as afraid because you don't know where you will be hit. You are wondering all the while just where the bullet will nip you, and it gives your whole body a most unpleasant sensitiveness.'
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Hotel Iris
Hotel Iris Yoko Ogawa
A dark and beautifully written story of a young girl's tragic love triangle with an older man and his young nephew
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How Saints Die
How Saints Die Carmen Marcus
Ellie Fleck has a question for everything, except the one she cannot ask. Where have they taken her mother?
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