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A Christmas Wish
A Christmas Wish Lizzie Lane
A heart-warming Christmas book from the author of WARTIME BRIDES and CORONATION WIVES
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A Cornish Girl
A Cornish Girl Gloria Cook
A heart-warming Cornish family saga perfect for readers of Val Wood and viewers of Poldark
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A Daughter’s Shame
A Daughter’s Shame Audrey Reimann
A sweeping family saga perfect for readers of Maggie Hope and Val Wood
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A Daughter's Duty
A Daughter's Duty Maggie Hope
A heartwarming and gritty family saga from Sunday Times bestseller Maggie Hope - perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Katie Flynn.
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A Daughter's Gift
A Daughter's Gift Maggie Hope
A heartwarming family saga from Sunday Times bestselling author Maggie Hope
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A Girl in Wartime
A Girl in Wartime Maggie Ford
A heartbreaking wartime saga for fans of Maggie Hope and Dilly Court
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A Home for Broken Hearts
A Home for Broken Hearts Rowan Coleman
A wise and warm-hearted novel about fresh starts, from the Sunday Times bestselling author of the Richard and Judy pick The Memory Book
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A Liverpool Girl
A Liverpool Girl Elizabeth Morton
A gritty saga debut for fans of Call the Midwife and Maureen Lee.
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A Mother's Duty
A Mother's Duty June Francis
A heartwarming family saga set in Liverpool, perfect for fans of Maureen Lee
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A Mother's Gift
A Mother's Gift Maggie Hope
A heartbreaking family saga for fans of Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin
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A Mother's Love
A Mother's Love Maggie Ford
A heartwarming family saga for fans of Katie Flynn and Maggie Hope
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A Nurse's Duty
A Nurse's Duty Maggie Hope
A compelling family saga perfect for readers of Donna Douglas and viewers of BBC's Call the Midwife
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A Sister’s Courage
A Sister’s Courage Audrey Reimann
A family saga, perfect for fans of Maggie Hope, Val Wood and Emma Hornby.
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A Sister's Duty
A Sister's Duty June Francis
A gritty family saga set in Liverpool for fans of Maureen Lee and Kitty Neale
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A Soldier's Girl
A Soldier's Girl Maggie Ford
A gripping wartime saga perfect for fans of Katie Flynn
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A Valentine's Kiss
A Valentine's Kiss Lucie Hart
The perfect Valentine's Day novel - a hilarious romantic comedy
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A Wartime Family
A Wartime Family Lizzie Lane
A heart-warming wartime saga, from the acclaimed writer Lizzie Lane
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A Wartime Friend
A Wartime Friend Lizzie Lane
A heartwarming saga about a girl orphaned by war and the dog that saved her life.
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A Wartime Nurse
A Wartime Nurse Maggie Hope
A Wartime Nurse is an evocative and compelling saga, set in a period that continues to fascinate readers
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A Wartime Wife
A Wartime Wife Lizzie Lane
An enthralling Bristol saga set during the Second World War.
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A Winter Bride
A Winter Bride Isla Dewar
An upmarket saga set in the 1950s from a critically acclaimed novelist
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A Woman's Place
A Woman's Place Maggie Ford
A gripping saga for fans of Maggie Hope and Katie Flynn
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After the Fire
After the Fire Jane Casey
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Almost Adults
Almost Adults Ali Pantony
A millennial Friends. A funny, relatable novel about the power of female friendships for fans of Holly Bourne’s How Do You Like Me Now?
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