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Midnight in Chernobyl
Midnight in Chernobyl Adam Higginbotham
The definitive, dramatic untold story of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, based on original reporting and new archival research.
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Elon Musk
Elon Musk Ashlee Vance
‘I would like to die on Mars, just not on impact.’ – Elon Musk
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Underland Robert Macfarlane
From the bestselling, multi-award-winning author of Landmarks, The Old Ways and The Lost Words - an unmissable journey into the hidden worlds beneath our feet.
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Ninja: Get Good
Ninja: Get Good Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins
The essential guide to gaming from the one of the world's best esports players.
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The Man Who Solved the Market
The Man Who Solved the Market Gregory Zuckerman
The first and fascinating look into the mind of Jim Simons, the shy billionaire who revolutionized Wall Street.
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How To Defeat Your Own Clone
How To Defeat Your Own Clone Kyle Kurpinski, Terry D. Johnson
Send in the clones! On second thought, maybe not.
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Baby Loves Coding!
Baby Loves Coding! Ruth Spiro
Big, brainy science for the littlest listeners.
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Executioner's Current
Executioner's Current Richard Moran
Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and the Invention of the Electric Chair
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We Are Anonymous
We Are Anonymous Parmy Olson
A thrilling, exclusive investigation into hacker collectives, and the power they hold
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Dark Pools
Dark Pools Scott Patterson
A chilling look at the rise of artificial intelligence in the financial markets
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Free Ride
Free Ride Robert Levine
Do you read newspapers online? Own a kindle? Download television programmes so you can skip the adverts? Free Ride explores the implications for modern culture of all these activities and asks how businesses can fight back against the expectation that everything we value should be available for free.
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