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Out of Africa: Popular Penguins
Out of Africa: Popular Penguins Karen Blixen
In 1914 Karen Blixen arrived in Kenya with her husband to run a coffee-farm. Drawn to the exquisite beauty of Africa, she spent her happiest years there until the plantation failed.
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The Pearl: Popular Penguins
The Pearl: Popular Penguins John Steinbeck
When Kino, an Indian pearl-diver, finds 'the Pearl of the world' he believes that his life will be magically transformed.
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Orlando: Popular Penguins
Orlando: Popular Penguins Virginia Woolf
Orlando, deciding not to grow old, pursues his quest for passion, adventure, fulfilment and protracted youth. Chasing a dream through the centuries, he bounds from Elizabethan England and imperial Turkey to the modern world.
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Raffles: Green Popular Penguins
Raffles: Green Popular Penguins Ernest William Hornung
Gentleman thief Raffles is daring, debonair, devilishly handsome - and a first-rate cricketer. In these stories, the master burglar mixes his aptitude for cricket with his passion for crime.
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Beneath the Skin: Green Popular Penguins
Beneath the Skin: Green Popular Penguins Nicci French
Three women's lives are stretched to breaking point as they are tracked by a cruel and malicious stalker. Zoe, Jenny and Nadia have nothing in common save the disturbing letters that probe their most vulnerable secrets . . . 
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A Dark-Adapted Eye: Green Popular Penguins
A Dark-Adapted Eye: Green Popular Penguins Barbara Vine
Vera was prim and fastidious. Eden was beautiful and adored. Like most families they had their secrets...and they hid them under a genteelly respectable veneer. Yet their sisterly bond was strained by obsession, manipulation and murderous . . . 
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