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Making a Difference
Making a Difference Owen Glenn
The story behind Owen Glenn's global business success and major philanthropic contributions
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Heart to Start
Heart to Start Derek Handley
The story of a global start-up plus a guide for turning your ideas into action.
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The Impostor Syndrome
The Impostor Syndrome Harold Hillman
How to be a better leader, confident in your own abilities.
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The Farm At Black Hills
The Farm At Black Hills Beverley Forrester
An engaging woman-against-the-odds story about an entrepreneurial South Island sheep farmer.
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Unfair Fight
Unfair Fight Sam Hazledine
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year shares how to grow a successful business.
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Fitting In, Standing Out
Fitting In, Standing Out Harold Hillman
How to become a stronger leader and a better teammate.
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Diane Foreman: In the Arena
Diane Foreman: In the Arena Diane Foreman
A candid portrait of one of New Zealand’s most successful entrepreneurs, as well as a practical hands-on guide to what it takes to succeed in business.
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Zero to 60
Zero to 60 Tony Quinn
From growing up in a wooden caravan to building his own state-of-the-art racetrack, this is the remarkable story of Targa champion, Hampton Downs and Highlands Motorsport Park owner Tony Quinn.
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Family Trusts
Family Trusts Martin Hawes
Over 100,000 copies sold, and the one book all family trust managers and members should own
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Financial Secrets
Financial Secrets Martin Hawes
Fully revised edition of the one-stop financial reference book
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Think Bigger
Think Bigger Michael Hill
Motivational guide from one of our most successful entrepreneurs
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Rebel With a Cause
Rebel With a Cause Ray Avery
Bestselling memoir of a true Kiwi hero whose can-do attitude is changing lives in the third world.
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Toughen Up
Toughen Up Michael Hill
Lessons from New Zealand's top entrepreneur on surviving tough times. Michael Hill believes it's possible to succeed in a downturn - in fact, it is the perfect situation in which to perfect a business.
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Pressing the Right Buttons
Pressing the Right Buttons Allison Mooney
A guide to analysing personality types and finding the best way to motivate others.
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The Art of Facilitation
The Art of Facilitation Dale Hunter
World renowned facilitation, group and meeting-dynamics guru explains how to run great meetings
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