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Start With Why
Start With Why Simon Sinek
Why are some people and organisations more inventive, pioneering and successful than others?And why are they able to repeat their success again and again?
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Skin in the Game
Skin in the Game Nassim Nicholas Taleb
In his inimitable, pugnacious style, Taleb creates a jaw-dropping framework for understanding this idea. Skin in the Game challenges our long-held beliefs about risk, reward, politics, religion and finance - and makes us rethink everything we thought we knew.
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Bullshit Jobs
Bullshit Jobs David Graeber
Huge swathes of people spend their days performing tasks they secretly believe are not really necessary. This book shows why, and what we can do about it.
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Adam Smith
Adam Smith Jesse Norman
A brilliant account of the life, thought and continuing importance of the world's greatest economist.
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The Bank That Lived A Little
The Bank That Lived A Little Philip Augar
The roller-coaster story of one of the UK's biggest national financial institutions over the past thirty years.
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The Square And The Tower
The Square And The Tower Niall Ferguson
The new bestseller that shows why everything we thought we knew about history was wrong.
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Civilization Niall Ferguson
How the West's six 'killer apps' transformed the history of the world.
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Crashed Adam Tooze
The definitive story of the Great Financial Crisis and how it continues to haunt our lives.
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Money and Government
Money and Government Robert Skidelsky
A major challenge to economic orthodoxy, by one of Britain's leading historians and economists.
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Reporter Seymour M. Hersh
From the Pulitzer Prize-winning, best-selling author and preeminent investigative journalist of our time, a heartfelt, hugely revealing memoir of a career breaking some of the most significant stories of the last half-century.
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The Future of Capitalism
The Future of Capitalism Paul Collier
A world-renowned economist's candid diagnosis of the failures of capitalism and a pragmatic and realistic vision for how we can repair it.
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Capitalism in America
Capitalism in America Alan Greenspan, Adrian Wooldridge
The story of America's evolution from a small patchwork of colonies to an unsurpassed engine of wealth and innovation.
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Social Mobility
Social Mobility Lee Elliot Major, Stephen Machin
A closer look at how declining social mobility affects us all, and what we can do about it.
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The Art of Statistics
The Art of Statistics David Spiegelhalter
A lively and informative guide to statistics in the age of data science from the President of the Royal Statistical Society.
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Manual for Survival
Manual for Survival Kate Brown
A chilling expose of the international effort to minimize the health and environmental consequences of nuclear radiation in the wake of Chernobyl.
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Clear Bright Future
Clear Bright Future Paul Mason
Has capitalism stripped us of our common humanity? In an age of fragmented identities and authoritarianism, award-winning journalist Paul Mason calls for a new humanism.
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Licence to be Bad
Licence to be Bad Jonathan Aldred
A scathing examination of how, by making market efficiency our moral standard, we've come to believe that bad is good.
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Democracy on the Road
Democracy on the Road Ruchir Sharma
The international bestselling author of Breakout Nations and The Rise and Fall of Nations chronicles two decades of engagement with democracy in India, in anticipation of the country's next major election.
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