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Salt, Sugar, Fat
Salt, Sugar, Fat Michael Moss
Think horse meat is bad? You should try pink slime An eye-opening and explosive journey into the secretive world of the processed food giants
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The Glass Closet
The Glass Closet John Browne
Within the pages of John Browne’s The Glass Closet you will find the most important lesson for the modern business world – being true to yourself brings success.
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Frost: That Was The Life That Was
Frost: That Was The Life That Was Neil Hegarty
The official biography of the iconic Sir David Frost
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Alchemy Rory Sutherland
The hugely anticipated first book from the TED Talks star and advertising legend
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More Human
More Human Steve Hilton, Jason Bade, Scott Bade
In this fully revised and updated Sunday Times bestseller, Steve Hilton shows that we can create a more local, more accountable, more human way of living that will make us more productive, more fulfilled and ultimately happier.
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Originals Adam Grant
A manifesto for originality and a guide to championing new ideas that challenge the status quo.
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Call to Action
Call to Action John Mills, Bryan Gould
This book is a call to action for the future of Britain's economy.
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Connect John Browne, Robin Nuttall, Tommy Stadlen
Connect fundamentally redefines the role of business, combining captivating stories from inside today’s boardrooms with absorbing history and original research.
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The Spider Network
The Spider Network David Enrich
The exclusive, wildly entertaining true story behind one of the world’s biggest financial scandals, and a dazzling real-life thriller in the City of London
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Black Edge
Black Edge Sheelah Kolhatkar
A New York Times Bestseller, the real story of Damian Lewis’s character in BILLIONS: The rise and fall of Steven Cohen and the largest insider trading investigation in the history of Wall Street.
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The Meaning Revolution
The Meaning Revolution Fred Kofman
Why purpose and meaning drive success, by the 'in-house philosopher' at LinkedIn.
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Give People Money
Give People Money Annie Lowrey
A brilliant, global look at Universal Basic Income - a regular payment given to everyone - and why it might be the answer to poverty, inequality and the rise of the robots
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The Creative Curve
The Creative Curve Allen Gannett
Big data entrepreneur Allen Gannett busts the myth of creative genius and reveals the real secrets behind breakthrough success in any field.
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