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Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success
Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success
Packed with unconventional and accessible advice, Shortcut Your Startup is an indispensable guide to starting your business from scratch
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Intelligent Leadership
Intelligent Leadership Alan Hooper, John Potter
A high-profile academic and consultant partnership move the debate on from emotional intelligence to show how leaders can create a passion for change and innovation
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The End Of Globalization
The End Of Globalization Alan Rugman
Oxford academic, internationally renowned in field of business and strategy, provides a new and radical analysis of globalization and what it means for business: 'Think regional, act local, forget global'
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Simple Alan Siegel, Irene Etzkorn
How to conquer complexity and bring clarity to business and daily life
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Bad Banks
Bad Banks Alex Brummer
Written by a man with inside knowledge of all the major players, this is the story of how the economic crisis continues to haunt us, and why the unchecked recklessness of some banks is still a threat to our financial future.
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The Crunch
The Crunch Alex Brummer
The first book to take the lid off the events surrounding the collapse of Northern Rock and the onset of the credit crisis – now specially updated for the new mass market edition
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The Great Pensions Robbery
The Great Pensions Robbery Alex Brummer
A devastating and gripping account of one of the great government scandals of our time
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Branded Alissa Quart
The buying and selling of teenagers.
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On Leadership
On Leadership Allan Leighton
The definitive analysis of what it takes to be a great business leader, written by one of the UK's top businessmen and based on interviews with leading figures from every walk of business life.
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Tough Calls
Tough Calls Allan Leighton
How to make the right decision every time
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Perfect People Skills
Perfect People Skills Andrew Floyer Acland
Why are some people so hard to deal with? Is it them? Is it you? Or is it the situation?
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Financial Mail on Sunday Guide to Investment
Financial Mail on Sunday Guide to Investment Andrew Leach
A truly comprehensive guide to all aspects of investment by the Investment Editor of the FMOS.
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Perfect Leader
Perfect Leader Andrew Leigh, Michael Maynard
The perfect guide to unleashing your leadership potential
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Investors Chronicle Beginners' Guide To Investment Bernard Gray
Lively and intelligent beginners' guide to investment and the City, aimed at new recruits in the City and the 11 million people in the UK who own shares. Based on the popular 'Absolute Beginners' features in the INVESTORS CHRONICLE.
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The Future Of Money
The Future Of Money Bernard Lietaer
The global money system no longer works; we need a serious overhaul of money - and of our attitude towards it.
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The Joy of Work
The Joy of Work Bruce Daisley
Twitter’s VP Europe reveals how to make our workplaces fit for the 21st century
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Guide to the Management Gurus 5th Edition
Guide to the Management Gurus 5th Edition Carol Kennedy
A comprehensive guide to management thinking through the ideas of some of the leading experts.
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Walking the Talk
Walking the Talk Carolyn Taylor
Building a culture for success. An insight into company cultures and practical steps to develop an environment for success.
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Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo Charles Drazin, Ernst Malmsten, Erik Portanger
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The Second Curve
The Second Curve Charles Handy
The summation of a life's work, in which Handy considers what the future holds for society.
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The Hungry Spirit
The Hungry Spirit Charles Handy
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The Elephant And The Flea
The Elephant And The Flea Charles Handy
'Charles Handy is Britain's only world-class management guru.' Director
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Beyond Certainty
Beyond Certainty Charles Handy
We must not let our past, however glorious, get in the way of our future.
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