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Getting to Yes
Getting to Yes Roger Fisher, William Ury
A new edition of a classic: with over 2 million copies sold in over 20 different languages, Getting to Yes is the most successful book on negotiation on the market!
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How To Read The Financial Pages Michael Brett
Learn how to understand the jargon of the financial world: a simple guide to the way money works
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Investors Chronicle Beginners' Guide To Investment Bernard Gray
Lively and intelligent beginners' guide to investment and the City, aimed at new recruits in the City and the 11 million people in the UK who own shares. Based on the popular 'Absolute Beginners' features in the INVESTORS CHRONICLE.
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The Fifth Discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization
The Fifth Discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization Peter M Senge
In the long run, the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is your organisation's ability to learn faster than its competitors.
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Perfect Project Manager
Perfect Project Manager Peter Bartram
A welcome addition to the Perfect Skills/Advice series being re-launched in August 1999.
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Perfect CV
Perfect CV Max Eggert
All you need to get it right first time
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Perfect Leader
Perfect Leader Andrew Leigh, Michael Maynard
The perfect guide to unleashing your leadership potential
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Perfect Counselling
Perfect Counselling Max Eggert
The perfect guide for anyone looking to develop their counselling skills.
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The Future Of Money
The Future Of Money Bernard Lietaer
The global money system no longer works; we need a serious overhaul of money - and of our attitude towards it.
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The Agenda
The Agenda Michael Hammer
'Both timely and important.' lnfoconomist
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Animals Inc
Animals Inc Kenneth A Tucker, Vandana Allman
A powerful business fable about maximizing your strengths in order to succeed.
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Branded Alissa Quart
The buying and selling of teenagers.
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Fmos Complete Personal Finance Guide Jeff Prestridge
Truly comprehensive guide to all aspects of personal finance and family finance by the highly regarded personal finance editor of the Mail on Sunday's personal finance/business section, the Financial Mail on Sunday.
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Fmos Guide To Running Your Own Business
Fmos Guide To Running Your Own Business Ruth Sunderland
A supremely practical and knowledgable guide to growing a business from the idea stage into a profitable fast growth dynamo
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Zapp! The Lightning Of Empowerment William C Byham
Revised edition of the perennial bestseller on empowerment in the workplace
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Financial Mail on Sunday Guide to Investment
Financial Mail on Sunday Guide to Investment Andrew Leach
A truly comprehensive guide to all aspects of investment by the Investment Editor of the FMOS.
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The Best Job Hunt Book In The World Max Eggert
Everything you need to know to get ahead - a compilation of the class ic texts, The Perfect CV, The Perfect Interview and The Perfect Career .
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The End Of Globalization
The End Of Globalization Alan Rugman
Oxford academic, internationally renowned in field of business and strategy, provides a new and radical analysis of globalization and what it means for business: 'Think regional, act local, forget global'
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Discover Your Sales Strengths
Discover Your Sales Strengths Tony Rutigliano, Benson Smith
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Confidence Rosabeth Moss Kanter
'Confidence is very good. It is readable, subtle and well-researched.'Financial Times
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Confronting Reality
Confronting Reality Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan
By the authors of the international bestseller EXECUTION.
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