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The Age Of Unreason
The Age Of Unreason Charles Handy
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Switch Chip & Dan Heath
Change doesn't need to be hard. Just Switch.
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Decisive Chip & Dan Heath
Bestselling authors Chip and Dan Heath show you how to overcome your brain's natural shortcomings and make better decisions. Winner in the Practical Manager category of the CMI Management Book of the Year awards 2014.
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The Long Tail
The Long Tail Chris Anderson
The new economics of culture and commerce
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Free Chris Anderson
The author of The Long Tail unveils his radical vision of the new economy
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Makers Chris Anderson
How the internet is transforming industry and national economies
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Never Split the Difference
Never Split the Difference Chris Voss, Tahl Raz
The definitive playbook for any negotiation situation, by the FBI's former lead hostage negotiator.
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How the Stock Markets Work
How the Stock Markets Work Colin Chapman
Highly accessible guide explaining all the ins and outs of the stock market.
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Unfair Trade
Unfair Trade Conor Woodman
From fair trade to unfair trade: why the world's poor continue to lose out in the global market - and what can be done about it.
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The Culture Code
The Culture Code Daniel Coyle
A ground-breaking exploration of how successful groups operate – whether in sport, business or society as a whole – and what we can learn from them
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Brick by Brick
Brick by Brick David Robertson, Bill Breen
The story of LEGO's extraordinary rise, fall and rise again.
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Common Sense Rules
Common Sense Rules Deborah Meaden
Common-sense business advice from the straight-talking Dragon
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Riding the Storm
Riding the Storm Duncan Bannatyne
A business autobiography from Duncan Bannatyne, one of the stars of BBC's Dragons' Den.
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The Origin Of Wealth
The Origin Of Wealth Eric Beinhocker
'Unquestionably the most important business book of the year.' - Management Today
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Everything is Negotiable
Everything is Negotiable Gavin Kennedy
The fourth edition of this indispensible guide to negotiation shows you how to make sure you always get the best result.
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Perfect Negotiation
Perfect Negotiation Gavin Kennedy
All you need to get it right first time
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Saving The Sun
Saving The Sun Gillian Tett
'A classic tale of East meets West, a subject Tett makes as intriguing in business as it is in war or romance.'International Herald Tribune
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Bad Samaritans
Bad Samaritans Ha-Joon Chang
A radical look by a leading economist at the issues surrounding globalization.
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Losing the Signal
Losing the Signal Jacquie McNish, Sean Silcoff
An unprecedented exploration of the remarkable rise and fall of Blackberry.
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Talk to Me
Talk to Me James Vlahos
The compelling inside story of the race to build conversationally capable computers
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Crowdsourcing Jeff Howe
First there was The Long Tail. Now Crowdsourcing defines the next Internet revolution.
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Scrum Jeff Sutherland, J.J. Sutherland
The revolutionary approach to business that is transforming companies.
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Built To Last
Built To Last Jerry Porras, Jim Collins
'GOOD TO GREAT is about turning good results into great results; BUILT TO LAST is about turning great results into an enduring great company' Jim Collins
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Rejection Proof
Rejection Proof Jia Jiang
The founder of the '100 Days of Rejection' project, which has received almost seven million hits on YouTube, reveals how we can overcome the fear of rejection, both at work and in our personal lives.
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