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Allan Hubbard
Allan Hubbard Virginia Green
The extraordinary rise and and tragic fall of South Canterbury Finance's Allan Hubbard.
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Aspirations Andrea Molloy
Easy-to-use, eight-step guide to developing your own personal success strategy.
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Bird On a Wire
Bird On a Wire Theresa Gattung
Inside the high pressure, brutalising CEO world with New Zealand's highest profile businesswoman.
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Blake: Leader
Blake: Leader Mark Orams
How to lead winning teams: an insider's insight into the leadership of yachting legend Sir Peter Blake.
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Breathe, Stretch & Move
Breathe, Stretch & Move Dinah Bradley, Tania Clifton-Smith
Break the cycle of tension and exhaustion in the workplace and learn how to have greater energy through correct breathing.
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Determined to Win
Determined to Win Robert J Stewart
The story of one of New Zealand's most successful manufacturers and exporters.
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Diane Foreman: In the Arena
Diane Foreman: In the Arena Diane Foreman
A candid portrait of one of New Zealand’s most successful entrepreneurs, as well as a practical hands-on guide to what it takes to succeed in business.
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Ecoman Malcolm Rands
The story of how Malcolm Rands, an organic gardener and hippy from Northland, built the pioneering global brand ecostore.
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Fitting In, Standing Out
Fitting In, Standing Out Harold Hillman
How to become a stronger leader and a better teammate.
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Girls Just Want To Have Funds
Girls Just Want To Have Funds Sheryl Sutherland
How women can become financially independent: an expert shows how with practical tips and case studies
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Heart to Start
Heart to Start Derek Handley
The story of a global start-up plus a guide for turning your ideas into action.
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Hurricane Tim
Hurricane Tim Neville Peat
The gripping biography of one of New Zealand's most distinguished farmers, entrepreneurs and aviation heroes.
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Invest & Prosper With Property
Invest & Prosper With Property David Whitburn
An up-to-date book on property investment in New Zealand, with lots of practical advice from a rising star in this market.
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Legend Paul Goldsmith
The story of New Zealand's most successful exporter and its head, Bill Gallagher, who built on the invention of an electric fence to make the company a world leader in its field.
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Making a Difference
Making a Difference Owen Glenn
The story behind Owen Glenn's global business success and major philanthropic contributions
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Man for All Seasons
Man for All Seasons David Grant
A major biography of Ken Douglas, the most powerful union leader in modern New Zealand history.
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Money, Money, Money, Ain't It Funny . . .
Money, Money, Money, Ain't It Funny . . . Sheryl Sutherland
Why do some people have money and others not? Find out in this sensible, fun guide to managing your money.
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My French Affair
My French Affair Amanda Taylor-Ace
A lively, inspiring account of a New Zealand woman's decision to create a new life in Provence, France
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My Two Heavens
My Two Heavens Jo Crabb
The memoir of restaurateur and chef Jo Crabb, the story of her enviable life between Martinborough and southern France, with recipes from her cooking school Careme.
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New Zealand Unleashed
New Zealand Unleashed Steven Carden, Campbell Murray, C Murray
A futurist’s vision for a strong, economically successful and positive New Zealand
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Pressing the Right Buttons
Pressing the Right Buttons Allison Mooney
A guide to analysing personality types and finding the best way to motivate others.
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Ready Fire Aim: The Mainfreight Story
Ready Fire Aim: The Mainfreight Story Keith Davies
The lively, insider story of the rise and rise of New Zealand's most successful logistics company
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Rebel With a Cause
Rebel With a Cause Ray Avery
Bestselling memoir of a true Kiwi hero whose can-do attitude is changing lives in the third world.
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Royce, Royce, the People's Choice
Royce, Royce, the People's Choice Peter Hawes
A hilarious love story about a teenager and a fish.
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