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Think Bigger
Think Bigger Michael Hill
Motivational guide from one of our most successful entrepreneurs
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Allan Hubbard
Allan Hubbard Virginia Green
The extraordinary rise and and tragic fall of South Canterbury Finance's Allan Hubbard.
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The Life and Times of a Brown Paper Bag
The Life and Times of a Brown Paper Bag Kevin Milne
Beloved television star of Fair Go, Kevin Milne's bestselling memoir is funny, insightful, incisive, moving and all-round entertaining.
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Wise Heart
Wise Heart Annah Stretton
A 10-step formula for business success and life balance from a woman who walks the talk
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Man for All Seasons
Man for All Seasons David Grant
A major biography of Ken Douglas, the most powerful union leader in modern New Zealand history.
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The Years Before My Death
The Years Before My Death David McPhail
How a small boy with a stammer ended up on the stage, becoming one of New Zealand's best loved comedians.
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Rebel With a Cause
Rebel With a Cause Ray Avery
Bestselling memoir of a true Kiwi hero whose can-do attitude is changing lives in the third world.
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Bird On a Wire
Bird On a Wire Theresa Gattung
Inside the high pressure, brutalising CEO world with New Zealand's highest profile businesswoman.
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Blake: Leader
Blake: Leader Mark Orams
How to lead winning teams: an insider's insight into the leadership of yachting legend Sir Peter Blake.
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Toughen Up
Toughen Up Michael Hill
Lessons from New Zealand's top entrepreneur on surviving tough times. Michael Hill believes it's possible to succeed in a downturn - in fact, it is the perfect situation in which to perfect a business.
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The Business Of Documentary Filmmaking
The Business Of Documentary Filmmaking Claudia Babirat, Lloyd Spencer Davis
How to make successful documentary films, a resource book for novice and experienced filmmakers
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The Road To Castle Hill
The Road To Castle Hill Christine Fernyhough, Louise Callan
A new life running a high country sheep station in New Zealand.
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Pressing the Right Buttons
Pressing the Right Buttons Allison Mooney
A guide to analysing personality types and finding the best way to motivate others.
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Money, Money, Money, Ain't It Funny . . .
Money, Money, Money, Ain't It Funny . . . Sheryl Sutherland
Why do some people have money and others not? Find out in this sensible, fun guide to managing your money.
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New Zealand Unleashed
New Zealand Unleashed Steven Carden, Campbell Murray, C Murray
A futurist’s vision for a strong, economically successful and positive New Zealand
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Success Andrea Molloy
Everything you need to know about reaching your highest potential at work.
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The Art of Facilitation
The Art of Facilitation Dale Hunter
World renowned facilitation, group and meeting-dynamics guru explains how to run great meetings
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Hurricane Tim
Hurricane Tim Neville Peat
The gripping biography of one of New Zealand's most distinguished farmers, entrepreneurs and aviation heroes.
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Girls Just Want To Have Funds
Girls Just Want To Have Funds Sheryl Sutherland
How women can become financially independent: an expert shows how with practical tips and case studies
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Start Talking Cents
Start Talking Cents Susanna Stuart
Practical advice on the money issues families face, including how to raise children to be smart with money.
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The Denniston Rose
The Denniston Rose Jenny Pattrick
One of New Zealand's favourite and bestselling novels
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