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The Big Short
The Big Short Michael Lewis
'Magnificent . . . a perfect storm of brilliant writer meeting big subject.' Guardian
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Boomerang Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis's brilliant tragi-comic romp across Europe shows how the financial crisis is about to hit everyone in the face.
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Winner Take All
Winner Take All Dambisa Moyo
Our planet's resources are running out. And in the race for global resources, China is way out in front.
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Breakout Nations
Breakout Nations Ruchir Sharma
In this bestselling critique of conventional wisdom, writer and Morgan Stanley investor Ruchir Sharma draws on two decades spent touring the globe to offer insights into the world's most interesting emerging markets.
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Postcapitalism Paul Mason
Are we on the brink of a change so profound that capitalism has finally reached its limits? Paul Mason's visionary bestseller shows how the technological revolution is about to reshape utterly our notions of work and value. For the first time in history, we have the chance to create something wholly new. Welcome to postcapitalism.
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The Map And The Territory 2.0
The Map And The Territory 2.0 Alan Greenspan
With his trademark wisdom and nuance, Greenspan devises a brand new economic map, one that integrates the history of economic prediction, the recent work of behavioural economists and the lessons of his own remarkable career into a framework for understanding this previously uncharted territory.
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Empire Of Cotton
Empire Of Cotton Sven Beckert
Cotton has created vast empires, powered the industrial revolution, generated huge wealth - and unimaginable suffering. As Sven Beckert's gripping history shows, this humble product is at the heart of global capitalism, and its story is the story of how the modern world emerged. 
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The New Case For Gold
The New Case For Gold James Rickards
A concise introduction to the enduring value of gold.
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