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The Tunnel Through Time
The Tunnel Through Time Gillian Tindall
The doyenne of London history travels over and under our great capital to reveal the layers of human existence underlying the Crossrail route as the new line through the heart of London takes shape
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A Bold and Dangerous Family
A Bold and Dangerous Family Caroline Moorehead
Following two bestselling books on the French Resistance, including the Samuel Johnson-shortlisted Village of Secrets, Caroline Moorehead turns her attention to the anti-fascist movement in Italy.
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Flaneuse Lauren Elkin
Part memoir, part biography, part cultural meander, an irresistibly intelligent literary walk through the lives of wandering women: about how, by putting one foot in front of the other, we can sometimes stumble upon different routes in our lives
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The Swordfish and the Star
The Swordfish and the Star Gavin Knight
Gavin Knight has caught the stories of the Cornish fishermen – and their difficult, dramatic existence at the end of our land
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Take Courage
Take Courage Samantha Ellis
Anne Brontë - literary wallflower or radical heroine? Samantha Ellis stomps off to Haworth to find out
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The Man Who Ate the Zoo
The Man Who Ate the Zoo Richard Girling
A lively and fascinating biography of Frank Buckland, ‘the David Attenborough of the Victorian era' - surgeon, natural historian, bestselling writer and early conservationist.
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Once Upon A Time in the East
Once Upon A Time in the East Xiaolu Guo
A memoir of growing up in modern China from the Orange-shortlisted and Granta Best Young British Novelist.
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Dadland Keggie Carew
A daughter’s journey into her father’s past – a story of war and grief, jealousy and madness, mischief and fierce love
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I Found My Tribe
I Found My Tribe Ruth Fitzmaurice
A beautiful and heart-breaking account of how Ruth Fitzmaurice found a way to carry on living in the face of tragedy
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Knowing the Score
Knowing the Score Judy Murray
An inspiring story of family, ambition and sport against all odds from the woman who single-handedly revolutionised British tennis
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Diary of an Ordinary Schoolgirl
Diary of an Ordinary Schoolgirl Margaret Forster
The diary of an ordinary schoolgirl living in Carlisle in 1954 -- a perfectly preserved period piece from one of the UK's favourite novelists
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Lost Years
Lost Years Christopher Isherwood
'His writing soon becomes addictive as one self-disclosure follows another. What better recommendation for a diary could there be?' - The Times
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The English Ghost
The English Ghost Peter Ackroyd
An enormously enjoyable spooky collection of ghost-sightings over the centuries, full of the spirit of place, in true Ackroyd style.
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The Irish Game
The Irish Game Matthew Hart
'A highly readable account of the way criminal lowlife gets involved with great art...written in a sharp thrillerish style...a diverting mixture of mad daring and blind incompetence on both the right and wrong sides of the law' Daily Mail
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Grayson Perry
Grayson Perry Perry Grayson, Wendy Jones
Intimate, funny, unsettling autobiography by one of Britain's most talented and provocative artists, written in his own voice by a close friend.
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Dancing to the Precipice
Dancing to the Precipice Caroline Moorehead
Lucie de la Tour du Pin was the Pepys of her generation: her diaries provide a vivid picture of Versailles, the French Revolution and Napoleon. This richly textured, highly enjoyable and evocative biography shows us an extraordinary woman in the midst of her extraordinary times.
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London Recordings David Sylvester
The final interviews recorded by the great art critic, as vivid and provocative as ever.
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Martha Gellhorn
Martha Gellhorn Caroline Moorehead
'Engrossing-biography and memoir and the forms of today and Moorehead's book is vibrant proof of that' Rose Tremain, Books of the Year, Guardian
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Body Parts
Body Parts Hermione Lee
Brilliant, readable, lively essays on the problems of reading and writing biography - a hot topic today
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Liberation Christopher Isherwood
Hilarious and often deeply moving, the final volume of Christopher Isherwood's extraordinary diaries chronicles the 1970s, with a preface by Edmund White
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The Good Women Of China
The Good Women Of China Xinran
'When I finished reading-I felt my soul had been altered' Amy Tan
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Shapely Ankle Preferr'd
Shapely Ankle Preferr'd Francesca Beauman
Published for Valentine’s Day - a lively history of Lonely Hearts ads, and the stories that go with them
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Building Isaiah Berlin
The third volume of Isaiah Berlin’s remarkable letters takes us from 1960 to 1975
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