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Call the Vet
Call the Vet Anna Birch
A charming and funny memoir following a young female vet’s adventures and misadventures in rural Dorset. The perfect read for fans of James Herriot, Cathy Woodman and Countryfile.
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Americana Ray Davies
A frank and revealing Rock and Roll memoir – welcome to Ray Davies’s America
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Jim Henson
Jim Henson Brian Jay Jones
The most comprehensive biography ever written of Muppets creator Jim Henson, compiled with unprecedented access to his personal archives and with the full cooperation of the Henson family
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What the **** is Normal?!
What the **** is Normal?! Francesca Martinez
It is honest and refreshing but most of all it is bloody funny. What the **** is normal anyway? Daily Telegraph
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Buster Will Barrow, Isabel George
A heartwarming book about a very special dog who has saved thousands of lives, written by his best mate and handler
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Please Don't Cry
Please Don't Cry Jane Plume
A moving true story of extraordinary friendship and inspiring motherhood in the face of tragedy
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Thrive Arianna Huffington
Forget about the glass ceiling – let’s change the system altogether by redefining the very meaning of success at work and in our personal lives
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My Side of Life: The Autobiography
My Side of Life: The Autobiography Shane Filan
Updated with a new and exclusive chapter - Shane Filan shares his incredible story
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Double Down
Double Down John Heilemann, Mark Halperin
From the authors of the number one New York Times bestseller Game Change, an explosive account of the 2012 presidential election
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Trash Britney Fuller
An extraordinary inside account of what it’s like growing up in a hoarder’s house
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Outlaw Ray Bishop
Ray Bishop takes you to the darkest extremes of human behaviour: a world of gangster crime, armed robbery, copious drug use and compulsive, high-stakes gambling. Against the odds, he lived to tell the tale.
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A Volunteer Nurse on the Western Front
A Volunteer Nurse on the Western Front Olive Dent
Classic WWI nursing memoir used as a key source of historical detail and inspiration by makers of The Crimson Field, a major, returning 6 x 60 drama debuting on BBC1 in March 2014.
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Charles: The Heart of a King
Charles: The Heart of a King Catherine Mayer
An important portrait of Charles, Prince of Wales, that sheds light into previously unseen corners of his life.
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Frost: That Was The Life That Was
Frost: That Was The Life That Was Neil Hegarty
The official biography of the iconic Sir David Frost
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Guy Martin: When You Dead, You Dead
Guy Martin: When You Dead, You Dead Guy Martin
‘Just because you’re breathing, doesn’t mean you’re alive!’ Let Guy take you on adventures of a lifetime.
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A Mother's Reckoning
A Mother's Reckoning Sue Klebold
A powerful and haunting book that sheds light on one of the most pressing issues of our time.
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41: A Portrait of My Father
41: A Portrait of My Father George W. Bush
George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, has authored a personal biography of his father, George H. W. Bush, the 41st President.
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Thinking Machines
Thinking Machines Luke Dormehl
Tech billionaires, reclusive scientists, dancing vacuum cleaners, voices beyond the grave – how a dream from the 1950s became our modern, super-networked world.
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The Rolling Stones: On Air in the Sixties
The Rolling Stones: On Air in the Sixties Richard Havers
As a companion to the Stones' 2017 album, On Air, this new official history tells the story of the band through their TV and radio broadcasts, illustrated throughout with previously unseen documents, memorabilia and behind-the-scenes images.
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Wildflower Drew Barrymore
Award-winning actress Drew Barrymore shares funny, insightful, and profound stories from her past and present told from the place of happiness she's achieved today.
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Daisy’s Gift
Daisy’s Gift Claire Guest
Your best friend can save your life. Meet the dogs who are revolutionising the medical world.
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The Spider Network
The Spider Network David Enrich
The exclusive, wildly entertaining true story behind one of the world’s biggest financial scandals, and a dazzling real-life thriller in the City of London
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Withdrawn Traces
Withdrawn Traces Leon Noakes, Sara Hawys Roberts
With privileged and exclusive access to Richey’s diaries, letters and lyrics, and new testimony from Richey’s family and close friends, Withdrawn Traces brings us closer than ever before to the truth about the disappearance of an enduring music icon.
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How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars
How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars Billy Gallagher
The defining story of the exhilarating rise of Snapchat – from a frat boy fantasy to a multi-billion dollar unicorn start-up that has dramatically changed how we communicate.
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