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12 Edmondstone Street
12 Edmondstone Street David Malouf
Malouf invites us on an intimate, beautifully described journey into his own past, beginning in his childhood home.
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1415: Henry V's Year of Glory
1415: Henry V's Year of Glory Ian Mortimer
An epic account of King Henry V and the legendary Battle of Agincourt, from the author of the bestselling Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England.
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1966 Bobby Charlton
Fifty years on, a legend remembers. Sir Bobby Charlton takes us on a personal journey back to the greatest moment of his life and the nation's greatest sporting achievement: winning the World Cup
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A Book of Secrets
A Book of Secrets Michael Holroyd
A masterfully atmospheric book of hidden lives and family secrets from the celebrated biographer
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A Bright Shining Lie
A Bright Shining Lie Neil Sheehan
'Superb. If you ever read just one history of the Vietnam war, read and admire and celebrate this one. ' John le Carre
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A Broken World
A Broken World
Edited by the bestselling author of Birdsong and Dr Hope Wolf, this is an original and illuminating non-fiction anthology of writing on the First World War.
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A Burning Hunger
A Burning Hunger Lynda Schuster
The story of an ordinary black South African family from Soweto, many of whom played a crucial role in the struggle to end apartheid.
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A Chance Meeting
A Chance Meeting Rachel Cohen
'An absolutely wonderful book' Joseph O'Connor
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A Claxton Diary
A Claxton Diary Mark Cocker
Another beautiful, revelatory country diary from one of the best nature writers in Britain.
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A Community of Mortals Alexandra Zelman-Doring
Inspiring, revealing, shocking – Alexandra Zelman-Doring's essay on mourning, therapeutic hypothermia and some of the greatest literature written on death.
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A Corner of Paradise
A Corner of Paradise Brian Thompson
A charming and unconventional love story from Costa prize-winning memoirist Brian Thompson
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A Dancer in Wartime
A Dancer in Wartime Gillian Lynne
An irresistible memoir about a young girl's hard-won path to success as a dancer during the Second World War
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A Double Thread
A Double Thread John Gross
Full of striking characters and odd encounters, this is an evocative picture of a lost London and a vanished culture, but it is also the story of a bookish boy discovering his own path - away from Mile End into the new freedoms of the literary life. Amusing, touching and thoughtful, A Double Thread is a fascinating and unusual memoir of growing up in London's East End and a profound reflection on living with two separate yet entwined legacies, Jewish and English.
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A Fool And His Money
A Fool And His Money Ann Wroe
'Popular history at the highest level' Independent
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A Fork in the Road
A Fork in the Road André Brink
The memoir of one of South Africa's best-loved novelists.
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A Genius for Failure
A Genius for Failure Paul O'Keeffe
A vivid and compelling biography of Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846) - historical painter and polemicist, diarist, friend of the famous - and genius.
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A Good African Story
A Good African Story Andrew Rugasira
The inspirational story of how an African-owned coffee company became a global brand.
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A Hero for High Times
A Hero for High Times Ian Marchant
A new history of counterculture in the UK, from the release of Heartbreak Hotel in 1956 to the passing of the Criminal Justice Act in 1994
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A House Full of Daughters
A House Full of Daughters Juliet Nicolson
One woman’s investigation into the nature of memory, the past, and above all, love
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A Journey Through the Cycling Year
A Journey Through the Cycling Year
The first book from the team behind the phenomenally popular 'The Cycling Podcast'
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A Lie About My Father
A Lie About My Father John Burnside
A breathtakingly beautiful memoir of childhood
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A Life Of Picasso Volume I
A Life Of Picasso Volume I John Richardson
The first volume of John Richardson's extraordiinary biography of Picasso
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A Life of Picasso Volume II
A Life of Picasso Volume II John Richardson
The second volume of John Richardson's authoritative and bestselling biography of Picasso.
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