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A Life Of Picasso Volume III
A Life Of Picasso Volume III John Richardson
The magisterial third volume in John Richardson's prize-winning life of the great artist
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A Life Too Short
A Life Too Short Ronald Reng
WINNER OF THE 2011 WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR The internationally bestselling biography of Robert Enke, the German goalkeeper who took his own life.
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A Passionate Apprentice
A Passionate Apprentice Virginia Woolf
'the precise moment of the writer's first authentic appearance'Craig Raine, Observer
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A Portrait Of Leni Riefenstahl Audrey Salkeld
More than a biography of one of the legendary film-makers of the twentieth century - now in her nineties - this book brilliantly analyses Riefenstahl's motives as a pioneer in silent movies, as a protege of Hitler's Nazi propoganda campaign in the 1930s, and her plunge into new realms of dangerous adventure sports in her old age.
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A Rose For Winter
A Rose For Winter Laurie Lee
'He writes like an angel, and conveys the pride and vitality of the humblest Spanish life with unfailing sharpness, zest and humour' SUNDAY TIMES
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A Round-Heeled Woman
A Round-Heeled Woman Jane Juska
'Before I turn 67 - next March - I would like to have a lot of sex with a man I like. If you want to talk first, Trollope works for me.' - Small ad in the New York Review of Books
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A Royal Affair
A Royal Affair Stella Tillyard
The acclaimed, bestselling author of ARISTOCRATS returns with a stunning, major new book about a scandal-ridden family trapped between duty, desire and the protocols of royalty - the dramatic story of a king trying to hold family and state together, as both his siblings and his American colonies rebel... A sweeping picture of 18th-century royalty, politics and family affairs, impeccably researched, with glamorous settings, driving narrative, dazzling characters and provocative ideas.
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A Spy Named Orphan
A Spy Named Orphan Roland Philipps
A gripping tale of betrayal and counter-betrayal that tells the story of the most enigmatic member of the Cambridge spy ring – Donald Maclean.
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A Tale Of Love And Darkness
A Tale Of Love And Darkness Amos Oz
Tragic, comic and incomparable: an autobiographical epic and a comedie humaine for our times, which is both the portrait of an artist and the story of the birth of a nation, spanning several generations and moving with them from Russia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, to Jerusalem.
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A Tudor Christmas
A Tudor Christmas Alison Weir, Siobhan Clarke
Allow Alison Weir and Siobhan Clarke to guide you through a Tudor Christmas wonderland in this beautifully illustrated gift book
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A View Of Delft
A View Of Delft Anthony Bailey
'In clear and graceful English, Anthony Bailey presents all that can be known and much that can be guessed about this miraculous painter and his small but active world of Delft. The scholarship is deep; the response to the paintings sensitive, crisp and fresh.' John Updike
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A Walk With A White Bushman
A Walk With A White Bushman Laurens Van Der Post
A Walk with a White Bushman offers a tempting preamble to many longer explorations. For those who have, it offers the kind of renewed inspiration of which there can never be too much.
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A Woman's Education Jill Ker Conway
Jill Ker Conway, one of the most important and influential academic feminists, reflects on her life and times.
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A Writer At War
A Writer At War Vasily Grossman
A WRITER AT WAR offers the one outstanding eye-witness account of the war on the Eastern Front and perhaps the best descriptions ever of what Grossman called 'the ruthless truth of war'.
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Across Many Mountains
Across Many Mountains Yangzom Brauen
A Tibetan Wild Swans. The story of a grandmother, mother and daughter who have loved and lost one of the most extraordinary countries in the world.
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Against The Wall
Against The Wall Simon Yates
'Elegiac, immensely readable, full of the real excitement of climbing' M. John Harrison, TLS
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Alan Moorehead
Alan Moorehead Tom Pocock
'A perceptive and fascinating account of an exceptionally talented man' - Scotland on Sunday
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Alan Turing: The Enigma
Alan Turing: The Enigma Andrew Hodges
The official book behind the Academy Award-winning film, The Imitation Game, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley
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Alfred Russel Wallace
Alfred Russel Wallace Peter Raby
'A welcome reassessment of one of the great forgotten mavericks of British science' (Sunday Telegraph) - the man who almost scooped Darwin.
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All For A Few Perfect Waves
All For A Few Perfect Waves David Rensin
The first biography of legendary surf hero, Miki 'Da Cat' Dora - the greatest surf story never told
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