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A Rose For Winter
A Rose For Winter Laurie Lee
'He writes like an angel, and conveys the pride and vitality of the humblest Spanish life with unfailing sharpness, zest and humour' Sunday Times
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A Walk With A White Bushman
A Walk With A White Bushman Laurens Van Der Post
A Walk with a White Bushman offers a tempting preamble to many longer explorations. For those who have, it offers the kind of renewed inspiration of which there can never be too much.
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At Your Own Risk
At Your Own Risk Derek Jarman
Impassioned, witty and polemical, At Your Own Risk is Derek Jarman's defiant celebration of gay sexuality.
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Aubrey's Brief Lives
Aubrey's Brief Lives John Aubrey
The ground-breaking book that invented modern biography - elegant, vivid and deeply entertaining
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Christopher and His Kind
Christopher and His Kind Christopher Isherwood
Isherwood's candid memoir of his life in 1930s Berlin. A seminal book of gay liberation which made him the grand old man of the movement.
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Chroma Derek Jarman
A poetic, passionate and intensely personal exploration of colour written during the final year of Derek Jarman's life -- with a new introduction by Ali Smith.
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Cider With Rosie
Cider With Rosie Laurie Lee
The evocative tale of an idyllic childhood in the English countryside.
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Frederick the Great
Frederick the Great Nancy Mitford
A sparkling biography of one of history's greatest rulers, written in Nancy Mitford's trademark gossipy style
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Green Hills Of Africa
Green Hills Of Africa Ernest Hemingway
'In a class by itself-the country, at all hours shines bright and clear in these pages' Daily Telegraph
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Grey Eminence
Grey Eminence Aldous Huxley
'A penetrating and vivid biography' Sunday Times
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In Patagonia
In Patagonia Bruce Chatwin
VINTAGE VOYAGES: A world of journeys, from the tallest mountains to the depths of the mind
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Jung And The Story Of Our Time
Jung And The Story Of Our Time Laurens Van Der Post
'The fascination of Jung is inescapable and van der Post has given us an excellent book - eloquent, learned and most impressive in its evocation of a devilishly provocative man' The Nation
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Kathleen and Frank
Kathleen and Frank Christopher Isherwood
First published in 1971, this is a key book in Isherwood's career revealing as much about him as the parents he set out to portray.
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Lions and Shadows
Lions and Shadows Christopher Isherwood
Isherwood's evocative and sensitive account of childhood and youth in the 1920s.
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Little Wilson and Big God
Little Wilson and Big God Anthony Burgess
The first part of Anthony Burgess's two-volume autobiography
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Lost Years
Lost Years Christopher Isherwood
'His writing soon becomes addictive as one self-disclosure follows another. What better recommendation for a diary could there be?' - The Times
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Madame de Pompadour
Madame de Pompadour Nancy Mitford
An eclectic, affectionate biography of Louis XV's most famous and enduring mistress
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Memoirs Kingsley Amis
'Endlessly entertaining... Good, rollicking stuff, and a delight to read... Sir Kingsley Amis is surely one of the funniest men alive' Auberon Waugh, Sunday Telegraph
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My Guru and His Disciple
My Guru and His Disciple Christopher Isherwood
First published in 1980, Isherwood’s overlooked last book is central to an understanding of his life and work.
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My Own Story
My Own Story Emmeline Pankhurst
The great leader of the women’s suffrage movement tells the story of her fight for equality
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