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When Love Speaks
When Love Speaks Adam O'Riordan
There are over 200,000 marriages and 7000 civil partnerships per year. This anthology offers over 100 poems and readings which celebrate love and union.
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Grey Eminence
Grey Eminence Aldous Huxley
'A penetrating and vivid biography' Sunday Times
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The Gulag Archipelago
The Gulag Archipelago Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
'It helped to bring down an empire. Its importance can hardly be exaggerated' Doris Lessing, Sunday Telegraph
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You've Had Your Time
You've Had Your Time Anthony Burgess
Following Little Wilson and Big God, this is the second volume of Anthony Burgess's autobiography, spanning the years from 1959 - 1982, from the start of his professional writing career to the centenary of James Joyce's birth and its effect on Burgess.
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Shakespeare Anthony Burgess
A delightful and uniquely imaginative tribute to the Bard, incorporating biography, theatrical history, and a vivid recreation of the Elizabethan age.
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Little Wilson and Big God
Little Wilson and Big God Anthony Burgess
The first part of Anthony Burgess's two-volume autobiography
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The Worst Journey In The World
The Worst Journey In The World Apsley Cherry-Garrard
'When people ask me... "What is your favourite travel book?" I nearly always name this book. It is about courage, misery, starvation, heroism, exploration, discovery and friendship' Paul Theroux
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The Invisible Writing
The Invisible Writing Arthur Koestler
'Perhaps the most remarkable autobiography since the confessions of Rousseau' V. S. Pritchett, New Statesman
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What Am I Doing Here?
What Am I Doing Here? Bruce Chatwin
Bruce Chatwin was, in his life as in his art, forever in search of the extraordinary, the exotic and the unexpected.
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In Patagonia
In Patagonia Bruce Chatwin
VINTAGE VOYAGES: A world of journeys, from the tallest mountains to the depths of the mind
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Lost Years
Lost Years Christopher Isherwood
'His writing soon becomes addictive as one self-disclosure follows another. What better recommendation for a diary could there be?' - The Times
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Christopher and His Kind
Christopher and His Kind Christopher Isherwood
Isherwood's candid memoir of his life in 1930s Berlin. A seminal book of gay liberation which made him the grand old man of the movement.
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My Guru and His Disciple
My Guru and His Disciple Christopher Isherwood
First published in 1980, Isherwood’s overlooked last book is central to an understanding of his life and work.
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Kathleen and Frank
Kathleen and Frank Christopher Isherwood
First published in 1971, this is a key book in Isherwood's career revealing as much about him as the parents he set out to portray.
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Lions and Shadows
Lions and Shadows Christopher Isherwood
Isherwood's evocative and sensitive account of childhood and youth in the 1920s.
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Chroma Derek Jarman
Drawing on a long, rich and varied artistic career, the legendary Derek Jarman explores colour from medieval to modern art with the distinctive combination of passion, insight and style that characterizes his work.
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At Your Own Risk
At Your Own Risk Derek Jarman
Impassioned, witty and polemical, At Your Own Risk is Derek Jarman's defiant celebration of gay sexuality.
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The Flame Trees Of Thika
The Flame Trees Of Thika Elspeth Huxley
The extraordinary adventures of a childhood in Africa, recalled in rich and loving detail.
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My Own Story
My Own Story Emmeline Pankhurst
The great leader of the women’s suffrage movement tells the story of her fight for equality
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Green Hills Of Africa
Green Hills Of Africa Ernest Hemingway
'In a class by itself-the country, at all hours shines bright and clear in these pages' Daily Telegraph
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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass was a key figure in helping to secure the abolition of slavery in America – discover his Narrative on the 150th anniversary of that event.
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