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Rosetta Alexandra Joel
The scandalous Australian woman who enchanted British society
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A Zero Waste Life
A Zero Waste Life Anita Vandyke
Want to make a change but don’t know where to start? The practical thirty-day guide to radically reducing your waste by 80%, from waste warrior Anita Vandyke.
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Boyhoodlum Anson Cameron
A hilarious memoir and a crash-investigator’s report into how not to be a boy.
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Broken Song
Broken Song Barry Hill
The biography of T. G. H. Strehlow and Aboriginal possession.
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Eat First, Talk Later
Eat First, Talk Later Beth Yahp
A dazzling memoir from a talented Malaysian writer about family and home, and a searing portrait of the country of her birth.
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There Is More
There Is More Brian Houston
A life beyond your wildest dreams
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Charlatan Catherine Jinks
The story of a nineteenth century court case involving Thomas Guthrie Carr, a notorious, larger-than-life character who made his living as a mesmerist, phrenologist, public speaker and some say charlatan.
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El Sicario
El Sicario Charles Bowden, Molly Molloy
Now an Oscar-contender film featuring Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro. I'm going to tell you about 20 years of my life dedicated to serving the cartel. Serving them with these hands. Torturing people. And killing.
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Patrick White
Patrick White David Marr
Now with a brand new Afterward.
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American Journeys
American Journeys Don Watson
Award winning. Bestselling. A superb book about Don Watson's journeys around America. Featured as one of Newsweek’s 50 ‘What to Read Now and Why’ titles.
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Recollections Of A Bleeding Heart 10th Anniversary Edition
Recollections Of A Bleeding Heart 10th Anniversary Edition Don Watson
Award-winning and best-selling biography of Paul Keating with new content
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Eating the Underworld
Eating the Underworld Doris Brett
An extraordinary personal journey through cancer and treatment.
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Second Half First
Second Half First Drusilla Modjeska
A stunning memoir from one of Australia's most highly acclaimed writers
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Under the Microscope
Under the Microscope Earl Owen
Under the Microscope is the story of an extraordinary man, his many life-changing inventions, and his exceptional life and special friendships.
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No Place to Lay One's Head
No Place to Lay One's Head Francoise Frenkel
An extraordinary story of one woman's attempt to survive the horrors of Vichy France.
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Martini Frank Moorhouse
Acclaimed author Frank Moorhouse considers the world's most elegant and mysterious cocktail whilst also reflecting on his life.
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Dreaming Too Loud
Dreaming Too Loud Geoffrey Robertson
An incisive and witty collection of Geoffrey Robertson's best writing
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An Inconvenient Genocide: Who Now Remembers the Armenians?
An Inconvenient Genocide: Who Now Remembers the Armenians? Geoffrey Robertson
The most controversial issue still arising from the First World War – was there an Armenian Genocide?
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Rather His Own Man
Rather His Own Man Geoffrey Robertson
The riveting autobiography from Australia’s inimitable Geoffrey Robertson. Funny, personal, and bringing Robertson's fascinating and colourful career up to date following The Justice Game.
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Births Deaths Marriages
Births Deaths Marriages Georgia Blain
A brutally honest account of love, marriage, families and death.
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The Real Great Escape
The Real Great Escape Jacqueline Cook
Bigger than The Great Escape. The story of the first successful mass tunnel escape from a POW camp in First World War Germany.
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An Angel At My Table
An Angel At My Table Janet Frame
With a heartfelt introduction from Jane Campion. Janet Frame brings the skill of an extraordinary novelist and poet to these vivid and haunting recollections.
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The Heart Garden
The Heart Garden Janine Burke
A captivating biography of Sunday Reed, the woman behind Australian modernist art.
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Australian Gothic
Australian Gothic Janine Burke
The acclaimed biography of one of Australia's pre-eminent artists, Albert Tucker.
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