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Mr Showbiz
Mr Showbiz Stephen Dando-Collins
Australian entrepreneur, Robert Stigwood was the first media mogul in Britain to be dubbed 'Mr Showbiz". After an extraordinarily large life he died 4 January 2016. This is his story – warts and all.
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Heartlines Susannah McFarlane, Robin Leuba
This is what happened the year I met my other mother.
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Rosetta Alexandra Joel
The scandalous Australian woman who enchanted British society
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No Place to Lay One's Head
No Place to Lay One's Head Francoise Frenkel
An extraordinary story of one woman's attempt to survive the horrors of Vichy France.
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Rather His Own Man
Rather His Own Man Geoffrey Robertson
The riveting autobiography from Australia’s inimitable Geoffrey Robertson. Funny, personal, and bringing Robertson's fascinating and colourful career up to date following The Justice Game.
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Charlatan Catherine Jinks
The story of a nineteenth century court case involving Thomas Guthrie Carr, a notorious, larger-than-life character who made his living as a mesmerist, phrenologist, public speaker and some say charlatan.
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Heroes of Hamel
Heroes of Hamel Stephen Dando-Collins
July 4, 2018 will see the 100th anniversary of the World War One Battle of Hamel, fought on the Somme on American Independence Day, an Allied victory, achieved in a staggering 93 minutes, which introduced tactics that dramatically turned the tide against the Germans and changed the way that war is fought.
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Patrick White
Patrick White David Marr
Now with a brand new Afterward.
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In The Footsteps Of Private Lynch
In The Footsteps Of Private Lynch Will Davies
A companion book to the best-selling SOMME MUD, meticulously following the route of Lynch’s battalion, to illustrate the lasting impact of the men of the 45th battalion.
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Searching For Schindler
Searching For Schindler Tom Keneally
A memoir of Tom’s journey around the world to discover the complete story of Oskar Schindler and that list.
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American Journeys
American Journeys Don Watson
A superb book about Don Watson's journeys around America. Featured as one of Newsweek’s 50 ‘What to Read Now and Why’ titles.
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Not Quite Straight
Not Quite Straight Jeffrey Smart
An updated edition of artist Jeffrey Smart’s wicked and utterly engaging memoir.
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Otherland Maria Tumarkin
When the past is another country, one that no longer exists.
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The Man Who Owns The News
The Man Who Owns The News Michael Wolff
If Rupert Murdoch isn’t making headlines, he’s busy buying the media outlets that generate them.
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Births Deaths Marriages
Births Deaths Marriages Georgia Blain
A brutally honest account of love, marriage, families and death.
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Stanley And Sophie
Stanley And Sophie Kate Jennings
I fell in love with a prideful bundle of muscle that stood seventeen inches high. You would see a small brown dog; I saw perfection.
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Kings In Grass Castles
Kings In Grass Castles Mary Durack
'The best saga of pastoral Australia ever published... hard to describe without superlatives... in a hundred years the book will still be a classic.' Meanjin
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When It Rains
When It Rains Maggie MacKellar
The heart-wrenching but triumphant story of rebuilding a life and a family
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Recollections Of A Bleeding Heart 10th Anniversary Edition
Recollections Of A Bleeding Heart 10th Anniversary Edition Don Watson
Anniversary edition of Don Watson's brilliant, award-winning and best-selling biography of Paul Keating with new content.
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El Sicario
El Sicario Charles Bowden, Molly Molloy
Now an Oscar-contender film featuring Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro. I'm going to tell you about 20 years of my life dedicated to serving the cartel. Serving them with these hands. Torturing people. And killing.
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Letters From Berlin
Letters From Berlin Kerstin Lieff
Winner of the Colorado Book Award for Biography. A vivid recreation of a largely untold side of world war II - the German side.
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How to Get There
How to Get There Maggie MacKellar
After Maggie Mackellar's acclaimed When It Rains, her second memoir traces with her characteristic candour and perception her move to Tasmania, for love, and the struggles and joys of settling there.
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A Secret Gift
A Secret Gift Ted Gup
A book for our times, sharing stories of the Great Depression of the 1930s and the generosity of a man who understood hardship.
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