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A Crooked Rib
A Crooked Rib Judy Corbalis
A compelling novel based on the disastrous and scandalous marriage of New Zealand’s Governor Sir George Grey and his lively young wife, Eliza Lucy.
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A Fish In the Swim of the World
A Fish In the Swim of the World Ben Brown
Afffecting, evocative memoir by one of New Zealand's finest Maori writers.
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A Life On Gorge River
A Life On Gorge River Robert Long
A bestseller, the fascinating life of the most remote family in New Zealand.
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A Long Road to Progress
A Long Road to Progress Richard Hall
Fascinating dispatches from a Kiwi Commander in Afghanistan.
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A Long Slow Affair of the Heart
A Long Slow Affair of the Heart Bruce Ansley
Wine, food, love, a canal boat and France. Craving adventure, a writer goes in search of happiness on the French canals. Will his marriage make it home again?
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A Wife On Gorge River
A Wife On Gorge River Catherine Stewart
A follow-on from the bestselller A Life on Gorge River by Robert Long, by his wife Catherine.
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All That Glitters
All That Glitters Denise L'estrange Corbet
A fascinating memoir from one of New Zealand's leading fashion designers.
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Allan Hubbard
Allan Hubbard Virginia Green
The extraordinary rise and and tragic fall of South Canterbury Finance's Allan Hubbard.
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At the End of Darwin Road
At the End of Darwin Road Fiona Kidman
An evocative memoir about the emergence of a writer in a changing world
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Backwards to Forwards
Backwards to Forwards Kevin Ireland
A lyrically written memoir showing the growth of a writer and his unique perceptions of the 1950s, 60s and beyond
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Bird On a Wire
Bird On a Wire Theresa Gattung
Inside the high pressure, brutalising CEO world with New Zealand's highest profile businesswoman.
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Blake: Leader
Blake: Leader Mark Orams
How to lead winning teams: an insider's insight into the leadership of yachting legend Sir Peter Blake.
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Book Book
Book Book Fiona Farrell
An evocative and moving mix of memoir and fiction from an award-winning novelist.
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Born to Fly
Born to Fly Bill Reid
The thrilling and entertaining lives of New Zealand’s helicopter dynasty.
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Breaking The Habit
Breaking The Habit Judith Graham
A former Domincan nun's story of dedication to her vocation and escape.
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Burnt Barley
Burnt Barley Peta Mathias
Winner of Best Literary Food Writing (in English) category at the World Cookbook Fair, this is a lively journey discovering Ireland's food, people and music.
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Cat Among the Pigeons
Cat Among the Pigeons Catherine Tizard
The memoir of New Zealand's best-loved Governor General.
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Chance Is A Fine Thing
Chance Is A Fine Thing Philip Temple
A compelling and thoughtful memoir about a significant figure on New Zealand's literary - and natural - landscape.
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Cock and Bull Stories
Cock and Bull Stories Peter Jerram, Peter Anderson
A light-hearted collection of stories and anecdotes from two heartland vets.
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Dance of the Peacocks
Dance of the Peacocks James McNeish
The true story of five talented young men in exile in the time of Hitler and Mao Tse-Tung.
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Determined to Win
Determined to Win Robert J Stewart
The story of one of New Zealand's most successful manufacturers and exporters.
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Diane Foreman: In the Arena
Diane Foreman: In the Arena Diane Foreman
A candid portrait of one of New Zealand’s most successful entrepreneurs, as well as a practical hands-on guide to what it takes to succeed in business.
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Eating Dirt
Eating Dirt Steve Gurney
Outdoor adventures and advice on resilience from extreme athlete Steve Gurney, author of the bestselling Lucky Legs.
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Ecoman Malcolm Rands
The story of how Malcolm Rands, an organic gardener and hippy from Northland, built the pioneering global brand ecostore.
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